Gelbvieh Cattle Advantages and Disadvantages, Facts, Price

Gelbvieh cattle are a German breed. This breed was originated from Bavaria, located in south Germany. Gelbvieh is an old breed which was first developed in the 18th mid-century. In 1920, this breed was officially known in the society. The name of Gelbvieh cattle is translated as “Yellow cattle”. This name is suggested due to the color of this breed. This is a triple purpose cattle breed and is on high demand. The main purposes of Gelbvieh cattle breed are milk production, meat production and draught work. Beef production of these cattle is highly appreciated because of business.

Gelbvieh Cattle Advantages

Gelbvieh cattle are very beneficial in terms of beef production. Their skin is highly pigmented which protects them from sun damage. These cattle are highly resistant to parasites and ticks. Their body has a unique characteristic of stopping blood flow to the site of any injury, this leads to the starvation of ticks. Gelbvieh are quite by nature and do not harm anyone. These cattle have longer life span and this reduces the cost of replacement. Gelbvieh cows are very good mothers. The process of calving is easy because the bone structure of young calf is small.

Gelbvieh Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Gelbvieh Cattle Disadvantages

Gelbvieh cattle have a lot of benefits but no or little disadvantages. The disadvantages include the maintenance of pure breed. It is hard to maintain the purity of this breed. There are some strict guidelines which should be followed to maintain the purity of this breed. The Gelbvieh cattle having less than 88 percent Gelbvieh are labeled as “Percentage Gelbvieh”. After passing so many years and generations of this breed, now the Gelbvieh calves are born polled. Initially, farmers had to dehorn these cattle which require a lot of effort. There is no other disadvantage.

Gelbvieh Cattle Facts

Gelbvieh cattle are translated as “Yellow cattle” because of their color. The color of these cattle usually available was pure golden brown but now there is a variety in color. Now the available color of their coat is yellow to brown or black. The average weight of Gelbvieh bulls may reach up to 1 ton but the average weight of Gelbvieh cow is about 750 kg. These cattle have the largest rib-eye muscle area per 100 kg as compare to all other beef breeds. These cattle get mature at the early stage of their life and gain sufficient weight.

Gelbvieh Cattle Price

The prices of these cattle can vary according to the location, availability, weight and age of cattle. The calves are sold expensive as compare to adult cattle. These cattle are also sold according to their weight. An average rate is set per kg, which is multiplied with the total weight to get the price. Usually farmers’ sale their cattle online According to a site, 50 purebred Gelbvieh bulls were sold at an average price of 1800 dollars. Likewise, multiple sites have different prices according to the area, size and weight and age of these cattle.

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