Houdan Chicken Images, Eggs, Facts, Temperament, Price

Houdan chicken is a French chicken breed which can be used as domestic chickens. This breed belongs to the group of crested chicken. This breed is name after the area where it was first originated. Houdan community is located in west of Paris within the department of Yvelines. The comb of Houdan breed is very beautiful and butterfly shaped. The common fowl breed found in France and Belgium were bred with the crested chicken breed to produce Houdan chicken breed. This is an old breed of France because crested chickens are old. Crested chickens are normally found in Caux, Normandy.

Houdan Chicken Temperament

Houdan chicken is used for dual purpose, i.e. for eggs and meat production. Apart from these benefits, these chickens are also used for the ornamental purpose. These chickens are good layers and may lay egg in white color. Their eggs are large in size. These are calm and placid birds. Houdan chickens are safe for children because of their calm nature. These birds do not hurt anyone. Houdan chicken is a gentle breed and good at lying eggs especially in winters. The Houdan hens are not really good sitters but are bit broody.

Houdan Chicken Images, Eggs, Facts, Temperament, Price

Houdan Chicken Facts

Houdan chickens are beautiful birds and like to entertain people. These are large sized chickens which looks heavy. Houdan chicken is suitable for both meat and eggs production. These birds have large sized crest and have five fingers in their foot. The main characteristic of this breed is V shaped comb. Beard is present in both hens and roosters. The commonly available colors of this breed are White and Mottled. Their distinctive features make them different from other chicken breeds. Anyone can recognize these birds from first look. Their earlobes are white in color white are not much prominent.

Houdan Chicken Egg Production

Houdan chicken is the domestic breed having dual benefits. These are used for egg production and
meat production too. Now days, people are keeping them for ornamental purposes. The egg production of Houdan chicken is normal and is not extra ordinary. The average egg production of this breed is 150 eggs per year which is not enough. The size of their egg is large and white in color. The size of their eggs is not constant and may vary among large to medium. The egg production of these hens may stop after a certain age.

Houdan Chicken Price

Houdan is a multi-purpose breed which can be used for egg production and ornamental purpose. The egg production is not outstanding that’s why people usually buy them for ornamental purpose. So the price of this breed is low. The average price of this breed is 3.97 dollars. This price can be changed any time according to the availability of this breed. The location also affects the price of this breed. Usually these hens or roosters are bought individually instead of stock. If bought for commercial purpose, then these are bought in stock. In stock, these hens are cheap.

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