Red Angus Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Red Angus is an ancient breed mainly known for its color and meat production. Its name indicates the color of this breed. This is originally a dun colored breed found first in Europe. These cattle were later transferred to Scotland and England. Red Angus cattle were originally not horned and this reduces the effort of farmers to remove horns. Later on, these cattle were bred with horned local cattle to obtain a horned cattle breed. Red Angus cattle breed is considered the predecessor of another breed named Aberdeen Angus. Both of these cattle breeds are popular for their own different purposes.

    Red Angus Cattle Pros

    Red Angus cattle have multiple advantages and the most common one is meat production. These red cattle are naturally polled and this reduces the effort of farmers to make them dehorned. For the heavy rainfall and sudden severe climatic change, these red Angus cattle are perfect. These cattle are very gentle by nature and their temperament is calm. Red Angus cows are overly prospective about their calves. The red Angus bulls produce large amount of  reproductive fluid as compared to other breeds and this is the reason these cattle are excellent breeders.

    Red Angus Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

    Red Angus Cattle Cons

    Red Angus cattle have lots of advantages but little or no disadvantages. The only disadvantage of this breed is their anger. These cattle are calm usually but when they become angry, it is hard to control their anger. A professional farmer ora vigilante is required for the purpose of safety and protection. Special instructions should be followed for the protection while visiting these cattle. A single man is not enough to handle the anger of these cattle. Usually these cattle get angry while protecting their calves. Whenever someone tries to get close to them, these cows become angry and try to harm people around them.

    Red Angus Cattle Facts

    Red Angus cattle are red colored cattle initially found in Europe. Initially it was believed that Angus cattle are only available in black color but later, the research shows the presence of red Angus cattle too. These cattle are naturally polled. Their skin is pigmented and has dark color. This dark color protects them against sun damage. The average weight of Red Angus bull is about 850 kg while the average weight of a red Angus cow is about 550 kg. Bulls are usually heavier than the cows.

    Red Angus Cattle Price

    Red Angus cattle are very beneficial for people in terms of nutrition. So people usually demand Angus meat in their food. This in return becomes beneficial for the farmers. The prices of these cattle are high as compared to other cattle breeds. The average price of these cattle is set according to their weight. Red Angus calves are sold at the price of 166.16 dollars per hundredweight. These cattle are about 7.38 dollars per hundredweight expensive than Brahman influenced calves. Likewise these are 3.61 dollars per hundredweight expensive than English continental crosses. From Black Angus cattle, these are 1.92 dollars per hundredweight expensive.

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