Welsummer Chicken Eggs, Size, Characteristics, Lifespan, Price

Welsummer chicken is a dual purpose chicken breed. This breed is named after the village known as welsum, located in Holland. The size of this chicken breed is large. Welsummer chicken was first originated near a river named Ysel, located in the North of Deventer, Holland. These are the most beautiful European birds which are kept for the dark brown eggs. The overall personality and temperament of this chicken breed is very lovely. This breed belongs to the continental class of breeds which has a European origin. The maximum life span recorded is of 9 years. 

Welsummer Chicken Egg Production

Welsummer chicken is well known for its eggs production. The color of their eggs is dark brown. The average production of their eggs is 160 eggs per year. This breed is a dual purpose chicken breed i.e. for meat and egg production. The fresh eggs of Welsummer chicken is deep brown in color and this color can be rubbed off with hands. This happens because the color pigment gets on the egg at the very last stage of egg laying sequence. This deep brown color makes these eggs beautiful and then these eggs are sold on high price. 

Welsummer Chicken Eggs, Size, Characteristics, Lifespan, Price

Welsummer Chicken Size

The Welsummer chicken is a large sized chicken breed. The beautiful and attractive look appeals everyone. The average size of this breed depends on height and weight. The average weight of an adult Welsummer rooster is 2.75 to 3.25 kg whereas the average weight of Welsummer hen is 2.0 to 2.5 kg. The hens usually weigh less than the roosters. The actual height is not mentioned but it is a large sized chicken breed. People fulfill their dual purposes with these chickens. The size of their egg is also large according to the size of Welsummer chicken.

Welsummer Chicken Characteristics

Welsummer chicken has very good body size. The commonly available color of this breed is red partridge. These chickens are colorful and keep their neck straight. Their body is strong and has a short beak. The back side is broad and has full breast along with large sized full tail. The wattles are medium sized and the comb is single. The color of their skin is yellow and has almond shaped red eyes. The plumage of rooster and hen differs. The feathers of hen have lighter shaft in color as compare to rooster. These chickens have no hair on their legs. 

Welsummer Chicken Life Expectancy

Welsummer chicken is a very beneficial chicken breed. These chickens can survive longer which makes them more special. The average life span is of 7 to 8 years but these can survive up to 9 years in some cases. This life span is enough to serve people. These chickens are used for the commercial purposes. Their eggs and meat, both are sold to the market and profit gained. These are kept on a large scale to run a proper business. These hens start laying eggs once they become complete adult. 

Welsummer Chicken Price

Welsummer chicken is dual purpose breed and is available all over the world. The price range of this breed is not mentioned but these are expensive. The prices may affect by the location, availability and characteristics. Even their eggs are sold on high price. This is a best chicken breed for commercial use. Mostly people buy them in stock. 

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