British White Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

British white cattle as the name indicates is the white colored cattle found in England. British white cattle breed was originated from Lancashire and the current appearance and characteristics of this breed shows the ancestry. These cattle are the direct descendants of wild, indigenous and ancient British cattle breed. These cattle are docile by nature and do not lose their temperament. Still there are some safety precautions which should be followed while visiting them. These cattle are dual purpose breed and primarily used as a beef cattle breed. The milk and meat of British white cattle is full of nutrients.

British White Cattle Pros

British white cattle are naturally polled cattle and this is counted is an advantage. Farmers do not have to make effort to dehorn them. The white color of breed was kept for ornamental purposes in the past. These cattle have very good resistance against health problems. These cattle have strong immunity and hardly get tuberculosis and pneumonia. British white cattle are very good survivals and are well suited to almost every type of climate. These cattle have longer life spans which reduces the cost of replacement. These cattle put on weight so fast and become beefy at the very early stage of life.

British White Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

British White Cattle Cons

British white cattle area dual purpose breed and do not have much disadvantages. Primarily it is used as beef cattle and then it is well known for its milk production. Their milk needs to be kept under special esteem. These cattle are kept for ornamental purposes and it is hard to keep their white color alive. Their white color increases their beauty and worth. These cattle are not harmful but still people have to follow the safety precautions while visiting them in the farm.

British White Cattle Facts

British white cattle according to their names are the white colored British cattle found in England. These cattle have short sized hair on their body. In about 2 percent of this cattle breed, long pointed black or red pigments are present. Around their eyes, feet, eyelids, teats and noses, dark hair is present. These cattle are pigmented. The average size of these British white bulls is about 1 ton and average weight of British white cow is about 650 kg. Their milk is high in nutrients and is very beneficial for kids and adults too.

British White Cattle Price

British white cattle are used for two main purposes and the most commonly availed benefit is their meat production. Farmers usually buy them in groups because the prices become less in bulk purchase. The age, weight, size and gender are the physical factors which affect the price of these cattle. the availability and location are the external factors which affect the prices. The prices are usually high and the average price of female British white cattle is about 2000 to 3000 dollars. This price is negotiable and bulls are usually sold at higher price than cows.

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