Galloway Cattle Disadvantages, Advantages, Facts, Price

Galloway cattle were named after the region off their origin i.e. historic Galloway region of south-west Scotland. These cattle were richly found in the past and the historic records were found in the books. Galloway cattle can calve easily and can protect their calves better than anyone. These cattle have very good appealing and have thick coat on their body. The calving process is easy and does not require any nursing hand. Galloway cattle are dual purpose breed which is primarily used as a beef breed and then their milking properties are considered. It is beneficial for both commercial and personal use.

Galloway Cattle Disadvantages

There are various advantages of this breed. Primarily it is used for the production of beef and also their milk production is good. These cattle have very good mothering properties and their breed is pure. Recently there two different strains of this breed are found i.e. White Galloway and Belted Galloway. These cattle are docile by nature. These cattle have longer life spans so the cost of replacement is controlled. Galloway cattle are known to be the most efficient feeders and can survive in the harsh pastures. These cattle can easily graze on the rough plants.

Galloway Cattle Disadvantages, Advantages, Facts, Price

Galloway Cattle Advantages

Galloway cattle are protective about their calves but this goes negative sometimes. These cattle become overly protective regarding their calves and can hurt a person with positive intensions. These cattle are great mothers but start calving in the age of teens and twenties which is considered as a disadvantage. These are not aggressive but still people have to follow some protective measures while visiting these cattle. These cattle are naturally polled and do not require any extra effort of dehorning them. Because the process of dehorning is not much easy and time consuming.

Galloway Cattle Facts

Galloway cattle are usually available in black color and dark brown color. Their coat is very thick and is wavy in texture. These cattle are furry and feel good on touch. These cattle have dual coat on their body this dual coat protects them from external environment. Their thick skin helps them to be waterproof in damp winters. Their fur coat is the thickest of all breeds. The average weight of Galloway bulls may reach up to 1 ton and the average weight of Galloway cows is about 600 kg. These cattle are naturally polled and do not to be de horned.

Galloway Cattle Price

Galloway cattle are known to be the famous breed for beef production that’s why farmers buy them in bulk. These cattle are abundantly found in Scotland and are also shipped in multiple countries. There are various factors which affect the price of Galloway cattle. These factors include weight, age, size, location and availability of these cattle. The average price of these cattle is in the range of 500 dollars to 1400 dollars. There are also some discounts on the purchase of 4 or more Galloway cattle. The two strains of Galloway cattle also vary in price.

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