Speckle Park Cattle Advantages and Disadvantages, Facts, Price

Speckle Park cattle were originated from Canada in a specified province named Saskatchewan. The Canadian society has approved this breed in 1985 but the government of Canada has approved this breed in 2006. Their name is named after the color of their coat. These cattle are cool by nature and do not get aggressive to people. These cattle are fertile and female speckle cattle get mature at early stage of life. It is believed that speckle cattle are the descendant of Teeswater Shorthorn. Under their ancestry, White Park gene is also found which resembles a lot with Speckle Park cattle.

Speckle Cattle Advantages

This is a medium sized breed, originated from types of British cattle i.e. Aberdeen Angus, Teeswater Shorthorn and one unnamed English breed. Their genetic qualities are very attractive and are well known for the production of milk. These cattle can survive in all kind of climatic conditions of Ireland. Their skin color is dark and highly pigmented which protects them from the sun damage. Calving is an easy process for these cattle. These cattle have very good mothering abilities and protect their calves from every kind of external conditions. These cattle can gain weight fast as compare to other breeds even on low feed.

Speckle Park Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Speckle Cattle Disadvantages

Speckle cattle are not the highly demanded cattle but still this breed has a lot of advantages these cattle have no or few disadvantages. The only disadvantage of this breed is the survival in severe climatic conditions. These cattle can survive easily in the climatic conditions of Ireland but the extreme climates can be problematic for these cattle. Speckle cattle are usually quite by nature but when they get angry, these are not easy to handle. Some trained people are required to tackle them in anger. These cattle are over protective about their young ones which is a problematic thing.

Speckle Cattle Facts

Speckle cattle are named after the color of their coat. The color of their coat is greying, black and white. On the back side and underside of their body, white lines are present. The color of their faces is either black or roan. These cattle are polled naturally and this reduces the effort of farmers to dehorn them. The process of calving is easy and the average weight of a new born calf is about 30 to 40 kg. this reduces the stress of farmers regarding calving.

Speckle Cattle Price

Speckle cattle are the combination of three main cattle breeds and their characteristics also differ within the breed. So the price range also changes. The variation in prices also depends on the location, weight, age and gender of the cattle. The availability of the cattle also matters. Farmers usually set a price rate per kg and then sell their cattle according to that rate. The average price range of speckle cattle is not mentioned anywhere but these cattle are mostly sold online and in some cattle shows. Farmers set their prices according to the weight and gender of their cattle.

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