White Park Cattle Advantages, Disadvantages, Facts, Price

White park cattle are the British breed originated from British Isles. Their ancestors are also found in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England. These cattle were first found almost two thousand years ago. The size of these cattle is average and their body is quite long. There are multiple breeds which resembles with white cattle breed. White park cattle breed should be called “Ancient White Park” which can distinguish these with another polled white breed named “American White Park” breed. These two breeds have the same color of their body that’s why their names should be changed.

White Park Cattle Advantages

White park cattle have longer life span as compare to other cattle breeds and can remain fertile for longer time in their life. The process of calving is not problematic and this is an advantage for the farmers. These cattle are primarily known as beef cattle but these can also produce milk. These cattle are efficient in grazing and can actively convert their feed in to meat. These cattle can easily survive in the extreme environments. This is the plus point of this breed. White park cattle are the excellent weight gainers and can gain up to 1 kg per day.

White Park Cattle Advantages, Disadvantages, Facts, Price

White Park Cattle Disadvantages

White park cattle are the advantageous cattle breed but there are some disadvantages too. It is hard to maintain the purity of this breed. Farmers have to keep the dominant gene transferred to new calves in order to maintain purity of this breed. This is the only disadvantage or hurdle faced by farmers otherwise there are no disadvantages. These cattle are easy to adjust in environment and can survive in extreme climate without any shelter or supplements. Farmers usually like this breed for this feature.

White Park Cattle Facts

White park cattle, as the name indicates is the white colored cattle breed. The size of this breed is average and the body of white park cattle is long. The average weight of a white park bull may reach up to 1 ton but the average weight of a cow may reach up to 700 kg. The color of their coat is pure white and looks like porcelain white. These cattle may also be available in red color but it’s much rare. Their horns are long in size and have dark colored tips. Bulls have usually short horns but dark in color.

White Park Cattle Prices

White park cattle are the very beneficial cattle and are available all over the world. These cattle can survive in any kind of environment that’s why farmers from all over the world can buy them and jeep them. Farmers usually avoid buying these cattle because of their horns. The exact price range of these cattle is not known because it can vary from area to area. There is a standard price per pound is set for these cattle and then this standard price is multiplied with the total weight to calculate the price. The price of heavy bull or cow is high as compare to light weight bull or cow.

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