Berkshire Pig Pros and Cons, Characteristics, Price

Berkshire pigs are named after the region they have originated i.e. the Berkshire country of United Kingdom. It is a rare domestic pig breed. They are listed as risky breeds in terms of their numbers. In the past 2008, less than 300 sows of this breed were known to exist. In England, these pigs are still maintained by a well-known trust named Rare Breed Survival Trust. In Australia and New Zealand, some of the purebred Berkshire sows are present today. There are also some other regions of the world like Japan, that bred Berkshire pig breed for their purposes.

Berkshire Pig Pros

There are multiple benefits or advantages of Berkshire pigs and the topmost is their genetic purity which transfers to the newborns making them purebred. Their meat is considered the best heritage pork. The most important point is their international recognition. They serve for the purpose of meat. Their high-quality meat increases their worth. Considering the above-mentioned advantages, these pigs are superior to the other heritage pork pigs. They are not choosy about their food so farmers do not have to worry about it. They can be kept at home like pets because of their clean lifestyle. They are social animals.

Berkshire Pig Pros and Cons, Characteristics, Price

Berkshire Pig Cons

Contrary to the advantages of Berkshire pigs, there are only a few drawbacks or disadvantages. They have good health but they are more prone to health diseases if care is not provided. They can easily get common health diseases because of their weak immunity. They are sensitive and can feel even the slightest change around them. They are heavy and have large weight but due to their small legs, they look small. They require an extensive management system. Berkshire pigs require enough space to wander around. They can be potentially destructive if they become angry. Their anger is another drawback.

Berkshire Pig Characteristics

Berkshire pigs are available in black color. Their original color is not black but sandy brown. They have some white-colored patches on their feet, tail, and nose. They are medium to large-sized animals but have short legs. Their ears are pricked. Like other pigs, their nose is turned upward. Their snout is short. Their face is big with a dish-shaped texture and a bigger jaw. When we talk about their weight, they may weigh around 270 kg. It is also recorded that male Berkshire pigs are usually larger than female Berkshire pigs. Their nose looks inverted when looked from aside.

Berkshire Pig Price

Berkshire pigs are rare and are not easy to find. People who want to buy them, have to visit online
websites and some local farming societies. The average cost of a Berkshire piglet is around 100 dollars to 150 dollars. This price range may differ from region to region. The size also affects the price range. Like if someone is looking for an adult or mature Berkshire pig, then the price may be double. Likewise, the price may reduce if these pigs are bought in bulk. Bulk purchases are always cheaper than individual purchases. There are several websites offering Berkshire pigs on demand.

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