Hampshire Pig Pros and Cons, Origin, Characteristics, Price

Hampshire pig is a domestic pig breed present in the United States. These pigs are clearly different from others because of their erect ears and black colored body. It is considered one of the oldest pig breed in America. Its popularity is visible with the records i.e. American National Swine Registry has recorded this breed to be the 4th most famous one. Their ancestors are believed to be present in northern England and Scotland. They most probably derive from the English pig breeds of the above-mentioned countries. It is believed that between 1827 and 1839, this breed was introduced to America from Hampshire, England (the region of their origin).

Hampshire Pig Pros

It is a heritage pig breed with a lot of advantages. These pigs have quality meat. They produce tender and juicy pork. Their pork has a unique flavor. Their pork is easy to cook and eat. For beginners, it is perfect to start cooking. They are healthier than the breeds who grows faster. They have the proper weight of their delicious pork. They are very well adapted to the external environment. They are usually kept outside for their better growth and to avoid any health issues. The fat content in their body is greater than the meat. They can easily sustain in extreme climatic conditions.

Hampshire Pig Pros and Cons, Origin, Characteristics, Price

Hampshire Pig Cons

Hampshire pigs also have some disadvantages. The primary drawback regarding this breed is the requirement of an extensive management system. They cannot live in a congested fence. They like to move freely and wander around because they are curious. Sometimes in extremely hot conditions, they may get a sunburn. Another main drawback is their rarity. They are heritage pigs that’s why they are hard to find anywhere. These are the only drawbacks of Hampshire pig breed. Apart from these drawbacks, they are also sometimes aggressive but it is rare. But still can be kept at home as pets.

Hampshire Pig Characteristics

Hampshire pig breed is one of the heritage pig breeds. They are medium-sized animals. The color of their body is black having white-colored bands in the middle which also covers the front legs. They have erected ears. Their noses are longer in size so their legs are. As compared to other pigs, they have long legs. They are well known for the production of meat. 300 kg is the average weight of a Hampshire boar and a sow may weigh around 250 kg. They grow fast as compared to other heritage pig breeds. They have a well-muscled body. They have excellent mothering skills.

Hampshire Pig Price

The price of Hampshire pig breed varies in different regions of the world. They are available abundantly in the United States of America. Their pork is sold on high rates in the market which increases their worth. There is an average rate of their pork per pound according to which the total price is decided. So the average rate of pure Hampshire pig is 3.50 dollars per lb. and in the case of half Hampshire pig, the average weight is about 3.95 dollars per lb. In rupees, the average price is Rs 35000/- per piece.

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