Hereford Pig Pictures, Pros and Cons, Origin, Characteristics

Herefore pig is another heritage pig breed. They are domestic pigs found abundantly in the United States. They are named after the color and pattern of their body. There is also a Hereford cattle breed (having a red color with a white-colored face), to which Hereford pigs resembles the most. This pig breed is a complicated combination of four different pig breeds i.e. Poland China, Hampshire pig or Chester White, and Duroc. Today, this breed is hard to find because of its rarity. They have unique red and white colors of their body making them different from other pig breeds.

Hereford Pig Pros

Hereford pigs like other heritage pigs have a lot of advantages that primarily include their meat quality. They are well known for the production of meat. They have excellent quality meat which is easy to cook and to eat. Their pork has no high-fat content but still nutritious. They are easy to maintain because of their cleanliness. They like to stay in an outdoor environment. They like to root and useful for trilling purposes. They aggressively breed and produce their young ones. This is another advantage for the farmers. The litter size consists of an average of 8 to 9 piglets.

Hereford Pig Pictures, Pros and Cons, Origin, Characteristics

Hereford Pig Cons

The cons of the Hereford breed are also like the other heritage breeds. They like to live in a wide
outside fence where they can move easily. This is a problem to maintain an extensive outdoor management system. But it is also beneficial in a way that these pigs do not readily get any disease. Farmers have to look after them most of the time. They are not aggressive, but sometimes they may start fighting. They are also becoming rare with time. Their qualities are appreciable, but still, their numbers are decreasing day by day. They are actively replaced by the fastest-growing pigs.

Hereford Pig Origin

The origin of this breed is considered from the United States. They were bred intentionally to obtain the desired characteristics of pigs. Between 1920 and 1925, this breed was first developed. Initially, this breed was abundantly found in many parts of the United States including Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois. They were selected and were well-known for their distinct red and white color. In 1934, the Hereford pig breed registry was opened. Up to the mid-20s, Herford pigs grew in numbers but then their population starts declining in the 1960s. They start replacing by other highly productive pig breeds used for commercial purposes.

Hereford Pig Characteristics

The characteristics of Hereford pig is mostly like the Hereford cattle. They are medium to large-sized animals having red and white colors. Their face is of medium length and is of white color. They have loose dropping ears of medium size. Their distinct body color makes them look different from other breeds and makes recognition easier. The average weight of a mature Hereford sow is about 270 kg and the average weight of a mature Hereford boar is about 360 kg. They can survive in extreme climatic conditions. They are active animals and hardy too. They are quiet and friendly.

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