Duroc Pig Meat Quality, Pros and Cons, Growth Rate, Price

Duroc pig is a domestic pig breed that originated from the United States. It is one of the red pig strains developed in 1800. It is still not known where exactly this breed was first found. It is believed that the red color of these pigs is from Berkshire pig breed found in Britain. There is another theory suggesting that these pigs came into existence from the Guinea coast of Africa and imported during a slave trade. The story doesn’t end here, they also have the influence of four newly weaned pigs from Portugal and Spain. The genome sequence in Duroc was a sow (for the first time).

Duroc Pig Meat Quality

The meat quality of Duroc pig is fine. It is available in dark red color. Their body has a large weight having a proper quantity of quality meat. Their meat has proper moisture content which makes it tender and delicious. The fat marbling throughout the meat is perfect. It contains all the desired qualities of perfect pork is present in their meat. There is a proper amount of lean muscle in their body. The carcasses, after slaughtering, makes a generous amount of usable flesh. They have the ability to make high-quality meat continuously and this ability makes them farmer’s favorite pigs.

Duroc Pig Meat Quality, Pros and Cons, Growth rate, Price

Duroc Pig Pros

There are multiple pros of Duroc pig and the topmost is quality pork production. These pigs are fastest growing pigs if they are provided with quality food and a nutritious diet. They actively utilize their feed into making tender pork. They are hardy animals. As they can survive in extreme climatic conditions. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor management systems. They stay healthy and do not get caught by any seasonal disease readily. They are also known for their reproduction rate. The Duroc pigs produce a large number of liters. The reproduction is better if they are crossbred with sows of another breed.

Duroc Pig Cons

These pigs are considered the least aggressive among other pig breeds but when they become aggressive of something, they can be proved harmful. Sometimes they do not have control over their anger. Their anger can be minimized only by making them sociable. The social activity of hogs should be maintained to control the aggressive temperament of these pigs. During their anger, they can be prove dangerous to people and other pigs if not handled with proper care. The farmers are well aware of their breeding pigs’ temperament, so they also have an idea about controlling them. This happens rarely in this breed.

Duroc Pig Growth Rate

The growth rate of the Duroc pig is good and fast. They grow faster than other pig breed and this property makes them favorable by the pig keepers. They are also very hardy animals and can survive in extreme climatic conditions. They grow fast but evenly. They get mature at the age of 2 to 3 years.

Duroc Pig Price

The price of Duroc pig varies according to multiple factors like seasons, quality, and location. In spring and summer, the rates are high. According to the location, the price in the mid-west and south is lower than the others. The average price of a Duroc boar is about $100 and the average price of a piglet is about $150.

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