Katahdin Sheep Meat Quality, Milk Production, Temperament, Price

Katahdin sheep are developed in the United States and are known as hair sheep. Piel farm located in north-central Maine is the region of their origin. An amateur geneticist named Michael Piel having a hobby of raising livestock was the one who invented this sheep breed. Katahdin sheep are low maintenance sheep and do not require special care. In all over North America, these sheep are in high demand. It is transported to many regions of the world including the United Kingdom. They are well known for the production of meat so farmers are always in search of them.

Katahdin Sheep Meat Quality

Katahdin sheep are known for the production of meat. Their growth rate is fast which adds a point in their worth. They have a longer lifespan as compared to other sheep breeds. The production rate is also good. Mature ewes can produce twins and rarely can be blessed with triplets or quadruplets. They are fertile animals and can settle a lot of ewes at first exposure. Their carcass is well muscled and has a mild flavor. Their meat is naturally lean. Their meat is delicious too and is used to make multiple dishes in their native region. They have an average weight of around 95 to 115 pounds.

Katahdin Sheep Meat Quality, Milk Production, Temperament, Price

Katahdin Sheep Milk Production

Katahdin sheep are known for their meat production but they are also good at producing quality milk. They regularly breed and produce twins or triplets. This makes them milk throughout the year. Their quality milk is not only enough for their lambs but can be used for other commercial and household purposes. They can easily feed their lambs without anyone’s help. If these sheep are milked every day, then they can give up to one pint or a quart of milk per day. There is also variation in the production of milk and the quality of milk because of a slight difference in genetics.

Katahdin Sheep Temperament

Katahdin sheep are easy to handle and do not require any special care. They are good at adopting a new environment. They are docile and follow the instructions of their farmers. They are the descendants of breeds found in the Caribbean and British Islands. According to the weather conditions, they develop a thick coat on their body to protect themselves from the cold temperature. Then this thick coat sheds when summer arrives. These are not angry sheep. They are calm and mostly mind their own business. They can easily bear the humidity and heat of the environment. They are also less prone to parasitic diseases.

Katahdin Sheep Price

The price varies according to the region and the features of these sheep. Their meat production makes them worthy in the market. So their meat is also sold separately at a high price. The average price of a registered Katahdin sheep is around 150 to 200 dollars whereas the price range of an unregistered and unproven sheep is around 120 to 150 dollars. They are slaughtered at their maturity and their parts are sold separately. These sheep are worthy to buy because they can serve by milking their whole life and at the end can be slaughtered to serve as a meat breed.

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