Leicester Longwool Sheep Origin, Uses, Size, Weight, Life Span, Price

In the late 18th century, Robert Bakewell developed a new breed of sheep named Leicester Longwool sheep in England, which was the descendant of an old breed named Dishley Leicester. As their name indicates, their body is covered in a heavy, thick, and long wool coat that helps them to survive in different extreme climatic conditions. Their temperament is docile that makes them farmer’s first choice. They are transported to various regions of the world including New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. They are good at grazing and like to have a heavy meal like their ancestors. The female sheep are good at milking.

Leicester Long Wool Sheep Origin

The exact origin of Leicester Longwool sheep is not known. It is stated that they are the descendants of another old sheep breed named Dishley Leicester. Dishley sheep breed was bred with Lincoln breed and Ryeland breed and as a result, Leicester breed was developed. After some time, their name was changed to Leicester Longwool because of their texture. Like all the other domestic sheep breeds, these sheep are also the decedents of Mouflon sheep. The Mouflon is an ancient breed and was domesticated in the era between 11000 and 9000 BC. Like other domestic breeds, they are also vegetarians and produce woolen fleece.

Leicester Longwool Sheep Origin, Uses, Size, Weight, Life Span, Price

Leicester Longwool Sheep Uses

Leicester is a dual-purpose animal but the primary purpose is the production of fleece. Leicester Longwool is blessed with the long length wool used by the spinners and crafters. It is curly, easy to handle, and soft to touch. The length of their wool is even and has a spiral tip. Almost 14 inches is its staple length. Sometimes spinners and crafters dye their wool to make different items. The average weight of their fleece is about 11 to 18 pounds. It has a proper shine. Their meat is also delicious and is used to make multiple edible items. After fleece production, these sheep are well known for meat production.

Leicester Longwool Sheep Size

Leicester Longwool sheep is a white-colored and mostly medium-sized animal. Usually, they are medium to large. The carcass is of high quality. These sheep if shaved may look small-sized or medium-sized but with heavy wool on their body, they look large sized sheep.

Leicester Longwool Sheep Weight

They are medium to large-sized animals. There is a difference in the weight of rams and ewes. Rams are usually heavier than ewes. The average weight of a ewe is about 80 to 200 pounds whereas the average weight of ram is about 100 to 300 pounds.

Leicester Longwool Sheep Lifespan

Leicester Longwool sheep like other domestic sheep breeds have an average lifespan of 6 to 11 years. Mostly they live for 9 to 10 years. They serve their whole life by producing quality fleece. And at the ending years of their life, they are slaughtered for their meat. They are also very calm and gentle. People do not like to sell them. But selling them before ending their lifespan is beneficial. Their fleece is sold at a high price and their meat is also on high demand. They are now not available commonly. They are now becoming rare and counted as one of the endangered species.

Leicester Longwool Sheep Price

Leicester Longwool sheep are not commonly available and can be found after great hard work. The average price of a registered Leicester Longwool sheep is around 1100 pounds. the lambs that are not registered are comparatively cheaper i.e. around 9 pounds and may hit 225 pounds in the market.

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