Pietrain Pig origin, Pros and Cons, Characteristics, Price

Pietrain pig, as their name indicates, originated from a village of Belgium named Pietrain. They are named after the region of their origin. From 1950 to 1951, during the worst period of pork, this breed was first introduced. In their region of development, they are the most famous pigs but they are also exported to other countries like Germany. Spain and Germany are considered the largest pig producing countries and pietrain pigs are popular as a terminal sire in them. In 1964, this pig was first introduced to the United Kingdom. They were kept in quarantine for the development of purebreds.

Pietrain Pig Origin

Pietrain Pigs originated from another pig breed named Norman pig breed. There is a difference in the genetic mutation of both these pigs. A gene named halothane gene was mutated in pietrain pigs. The region from where they originated in Pietrain (a village of Belgium). The exact origin is still unknown.

Pietrain Pig origin, Pros and Cons, Characteristics, Price

Pietrain Pig Pros

There are multiple benefits of this breed but the most popular one is the production of lean meat. Their ratio of lean to fat is extremely high in them. The percentage of lean meat in their body is about 66.7 percent and about 24.5 percent fat is present. Their pork is sold at a high rate in the market of Belgium. They are known for their meaty body. They are calm and friendly too. Farmers can keep them without any problem of fighting and cleanliness. They are also not choosy about their feed. Farmers have to spend very little on their feed.

Pietrain Pig Cons

There are multiple advantages of pietrain pig but there are some disadvantages too that made them replaced by advanced pig breeds. The sows are prolific and they lack good mothering abilities. They cannot take care of their litters. They are also not good in milk production. They cannot feed their litters up to their fill. There is a presence of halothane gene in them for Porcine Stress Syndrome. Because of this reason, this breed is not or rarely used for production purposes. Their use is only limited for the crossbred and synthetic terminal breeding. Only a few pigs are used to supply stock for breeding programs.

Pietrain Pig Characteristics

Pietrain Pigs are medium-sized animals. They are available white with black colored spots on it. At the boundaries of these black patches. Light-colored pigmentation having white hair is present which surrounds them. Their ears are not down but erect making them distinctive from others. They are meaty animals having a lot of lean meat in their body. The fat content is low as compared to the lean meat. They are quiet animals and sociable. They can survive in both outdoor and indoor management systems. Pietrain pigs can improve other breeds because of high muscle to carcass ratio.

Pietrain Pig Price

The price of pietrain pigs varies in different regions of the world. The demand in the market is increasing for their lean meat so their worth is also increasing. The average price of pietrain pig in India is about Rs 14000 per 100 kg pig. The price also varies according to the genders. Sows are more expensive than boars.

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