Scottish Blackface Sheep Characteristics, Wool, Meat Quality, Price

Scottish Blackface sheep breed originates from the region found in between the borders of England and Scotland. These sheep are old and primitive. In the 12th century, “dun faced” sheep breed was considered the predecessor of Scottish Blackface sheep breed found today. The main purpose of the dun-faced breed was to serve wool production which was used to make garments. James in 1503, established 5000 sheep flock in the forest of Ettrick, and later in the 17th and 18th centuries, this breed was known by the name Linton sheep. In the 19th century, this breed was spread to multiple regions of the world.

Scottish Blackface Sheep Characteristics

The Scottish Blackface Sheep grazing at the Scottish hillside presents a marvelous scene. These sheep are called noble sheep. They are commonly available in striking black or mottled black. Their faces and legs are white. The fleece present on their entire body is white and color and should not have black-colored fiber in it. They are either horned or polled. If they are horned, they have well-established sport impressive horns. They are strong and energetic. Care is required to handle such animals. Their physical characteristics vary according to the region of Scotland they found.

Scottish Blackface Sheep Characteristics, Wool, Meat Quality, Price

Scottish Blackface Sheep Wool

This sheep breed serves for meat and wool production but the primary purpose is the former one. Their wool is used for the making of multiple items in the market. The most common things made of their wool are carpets, mattresses stuffing, Scottish and Irish tweeds. Felters, spinners, and rug hookers enjoy working with the wool of Scottish Blackface sheep. Their wool is unique and double coated. The average staple length of their wool is 15 to 30 cm. Their wool is not available in raw form but different items made of their wool are available in the market for use.

Scottish Blackface Sheep Meat Quality

Scottish Blackface sheep is a medium-sized animal. They are known for their meat production. Their meat is fine in quality, fine-grained, and excellent flavor. They produce good quality carcass. The meat to bone ratio of their carcass is very good. Their lean meat has a high demand in the market. Even the health consciences society demands Scottish Blackface sheep meat. The flavor of their meat is superb and free of superfluous fat. The waste brought of their meat is also low, satisfying the demands of the market. Even their bones are useful in the making of walking sticks and shepherd’s crooks.

Scottish Blackface Sheep Price

The price is a variable factor varying according to the location, size, age, and weight. These sheep are usually bought to serve for the meat and wool production. Farmers do business on a large scale with their wool and meat. These sheep are worthy to buy and keep. The average price of a 6 months old Scottish Blackface ewe is about 500 dollars and the average price of a Scottish Blackface ram is about 550 dollars. The rams are a bit expensive as compared to the ewes. To increase their numbers in a flock, ewes are worthy to buy.

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