Swaledale Sheep Pictures, Origin, Wool, Weight, Characteristics, Price

Like most of the sheep breeds, Swaledale is also a domestic sheep. It is found in the United Kingdom. These sheep are named after the Yorkshire valley located in Swaledale, England. This breed is merely found in the mountains of the United Kingdom. The particular areas where this breed is abundantly found are Yorkshire Dales, around the Pennine fells of Cumbria and County Durham. This breed is well known because of its off-white wool. These sheep have curly horns and white-colored patches around eyes and nose. This breed is closely related to the Rough fell sheep and Scottish Blackface. These sheep can survive in open and exposed locations.

Swaledale Sheep Origin

The exact origin of Swaledale sheep is not known yet but this breed has a close resemblance with Herd wick, Rough well, and Dales bred sheep. These three sheep breeds produce a variation in the breed of Swaledale sheep. It is believed that this breed may have an exotic and non-indigenous ancestor. An association named “The Swaledale Sheep Breeders Association” was established in the year 1919. All the Swaledale sheep are registered with this association. This helps to find the number of sheep available per year and their extinction. This breed was established long ago, and today its number is decreasing.

Swaledale Sheep Pictures, Origin, Wool, Weight, Characteristics, Price

Swaledale Sheep Wool

Swaledale sheep is known for two main purposes i.e. meat and wool production. Their wool has excellent properties of hardwearing and good spinning. It is very useful in the making of various other crafts. The origin of this breed is considered from the Yorkshire dales of Swaledale. Their wool is almost 35 to 45 micron fine and the staple length maybe around 100 to 200 mm. Their wool is easy to spin on a drop spindle or a wheel. Their wool can be blended with other wools to make multiple items. Other wools may include bamboo, silks, flax, etc.

Swaledale Sheep Weight

Talking about the weight of a Swaledale sheep, a mature Swaledale sheep may weigh up to 100 kg. they are medium to large-sized animals. Their appearance is beautiful and their medium size makes them more adorable. There may be a slight difference in the weight of ewe and rams.

Swaledale Sheep Characteristics

Swaledale sheep resembles closely to its ancestor breeds so their characteristics also resemble them. They are medium to large. These are beautiful looking sheep. Their body is bold and thickly coated with the wool (they are known for). The color of their face is black with white-colored spots on the face around eyes and nose. They have horns that are curved or curly. In rams, the horns are slightly larger. Their wool coat is white or off-white in color and coarse. It is used for the making of multiple useable items. They may weigh around 100 kg.

Swaledale Sheep Price

This breed is becoming rare with time so its price is increasing. The average range of prices is about 30,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds. In an auction, a ram was even sold at the price of 101,000 pounds. sometimes farmers give some special discount and sell the rams at the price of 15,000 pounds to 86,000 pounds.

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