Barred Rock Rooster Temperament, Facts, Size, Weight, Lifespan

Barred rock rooster is also known as Plymouth rock chicken or rooster. It is a dual-purpose breed and is raised for both egg and meat production. The origin of this chicken breed is the United States. These are hardy birds and are suitable for the small-sized management system of farms. They can be easily raised in the backyard. They are available in different colours. In the middle of the 19th century, this breed was first developed within England. In 1849, this breed was first developed. Barred rock rooster was the first chicken developed, and the other varieties of this breed were developed later.

    Barred Rock Rooster Temperament

    The barred rock rooster are calm birds. They are not angry and like to live in harmony with other animals and humans. Barred rock rooster like the hen is protective of their kids. They are docile and are friendly with the home environment. They do not require any extensive management system; instead, they can even live in the backyard of the house. They can live in a confined place or cage, but they feel good when they find a place to roam freely. They are active and like to discover new things around them. They do not demand any special feed to grow.

    Barred Rock Rooster Temperament, Facts, Size, Weight, Lifespan

    Barred Rock Rooster Facts

    Barred rock roosters are large-sized birds having an ability to thrive in extreme climatic conditions. They are dual-purpose birds and are mainly kept for the production of eggs and meat. Their back is long and broad. The breast of the barred rock rooster is full and deep. The colour of their skin is yellow. They have no feathers on their legs. The colour of their eyes is bay colour. The ear lobes, along with the face, are red in colour. Specifically, the colour of their beak is bright yellow. A moderate size single comb is present on their head. They look fluffy because of the loosely held feathers.

    Barred Rock Rooster Size

    The size of the barred rock rooster is small to medium. The size varies in both barred rock hens and roosters. They are heavy birds with full and deep breasts. Their body frame of barred rock rooster is large as compared to the hens. They have fluffy feathers on their body that give the appearance of a healthy body. They may reach their maximum size within a year. And then they stop growing. When their growth stops, they start breeding and producing eggs. Because of their size, they are used for meat production. The comb on their head increases their size and makes them look taller.

    Barred Rock Rooster Weight

    Barred rock rooster usually weighs heavier than the hens. Their appearance is also different from the barred rock hens. The average weight of a barred rock rooster is about 8 pounds whereas the average weight of a barred rock hen is about 7.5 pounds. There is a weight range for both roosters and hens. The weight range of barred rock rooster starts from 1.36 kg (3.0 pounds) bantam to 3.4 kg (7.5 pounds). They have a good growth rate and grows to maturity within the first year of their life. They are also good at breeding.

    Barred Rock Rooster Lifespan

    Barred rock rooster lives from 10 to 12 years. This is the average lifespan for most of the chickens. On an average basis, they live for about 6 to 8 years, but often they reach the age of 12 years. After 1 to 2 years of their life, they become mature and start breeding. They start laying eggs after maturity. The barred rock hens are like egg machines. They lay the egg on an almost daily basis. They are commercially raised for both meat and egg production. Hens are usually raised for egg production, and roosters are raised for meat.

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