Large White Pig Origin, Facts, Size, Weight, LifeSpan

A large white pig also originates from Yorkshire, England. The other names of Large white pigs are English Large white pig and Yorkshire pig. These pigs are commonly found all over the world, especially in England. This breed is recorded as the breed of the largest population. A considerable number of these pigs are available today. These pigs are cross-bred with many other pig breeds to develop new breeds and to intensify the pig farming systems throughout the world. As their name indicates, they are large-sized pigs having a pure white colour of their body. The National Pig Breeder’s Association considers it an original founder of the pig breed.

    Large White Pig Origin

    Large white pigs first originated in the year 1868. In the year 1884, the first herdbook of this breed was published. The exact origin and further history of Large white pigs are difficult to trace. In the 1970s, modern testing programs increased the worth of these pigs. They increased their demand in the market of the United States. In the first three years of the decade, almost 8500 pedigree Large white pigs were introduced to all parts of the world. Today, large white pigs are the largest selling and raising pig breed of the world. It is mainly used for commercial purposes.

    Large White Pig Origin, Facts, Size, Weight, LifeSpan

    Large White Pig Facts

    Large white pigs, as their name indicates, are large-sized animals. They have a large body frame. The available colour is white or light pink. They have a dished face, and their ears are erect. The breed stands out of other pig breeds because of their large size. The features that distinguish them from other breeds are erect ears, a dished face, large size, and picturesque bearing. Their conformation with hams is excellent. Their size is huge but has sound legs and feet. They have long legs and long height that makes them active. They live in harmony with a very useful life.

    Large White Pig Size

    The size, as discussed earlier, is large. Their name shows most of their characteristics, including size and colour. They produce lean meat. A thick layer of skin covers their body and makes them look like obese. Their size is almost the same as of Yorkshire pig and they have long legs and height. Their head size is also long. Their ears are pricked, but their shoulders are also long. They are huge animals. Their back is broad, level, and long in size. Their size increases as they put weight on a daily basis. They are difficult to raise at home; instead, they are grown in commercial farms.

    Large White Pig Weight

    The large white pigs grow on an average scale. The average weight of a mature Large white sow is in the range of 260 to 300 kg whereas the average weight of a mature Large white boar is in the range of 350 to 380 kg. There is a slight difference in the weight of a cow and a boar. The weight may differ according to their age and height. Some large white pigs may put on weight above the range. The farmers usually purchase pigs of 2 to 3 months of age. When a pig reaches 250 pounds, it is ready to slaughter.

    Large White Pig Lifespan

    The life span of large-sized animals is usually short. In the case of Large white pigs, they can live for up to 20 years. The pigs raised only for the purpose of breeding, are kept at the farm for 1.5 years that is longer than the pigs kept for the market. If the large white pigs are well kept with proper feeding and care, they can reach up to 20 years, but in the case of wild large white pigs, they can live maximum up to 8 years. Their commercial use for meat production makes them worthy in the market, and their characteristics stand them out of other comparative breeds.

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