Embden Goose Eggs, Size, Weight, Height Lifespan, Price

Embden goose is a domestic and one of the oldest goose breeds. Embden goose has records of 200 years back. The exact origin of this breed is unknown. It is believed that the German white goose breed was bred with the English white goose breed to produce Embden Goose. The careful selection procedure is adapted to create this breed. The selective breeding with Toulouse goose leads to the production of Embden Goose having great size and weight. History states that this breed originated from the North Sea Region of Netherlands and Germany. But the most supported theory about their origin is that they originated from the town of Embden located in lower Saxony, Germany.

    Embden Goose Egg Production

    The egg production of Embden goose is not outstanding. They are not good layers. On average, Embden goose can produce only 20 to 30 eggs per year. The size of their eggs is large and white in colour. This goose breed is broody, and most likely they start incubating their eggs at the beginning of the spring season. The average incubation period of Embden Goose is 28 to 34 days. Their mothering abilities are outstanding and can fight against the predators actively as they are good protectors. Their egg production is poor from a commercial point of view.

    Embden Goose Eggs, Size, Weight, Height Lifespan, Price

    Embden Goose Size

    The size of the Embden goose is a large-sized goose breed. They are considered the heaviest breed by the American Poultry Association. Their height is the tallest among other breeds of goose. Their body is massive, so they serve for the purpose of meat production. Their body is long. The length of their neck makes their size big. They have double lobes that do not touch the ground. Their large size body produces meat, and this meat is beneficial in terms of profit on a commercial scale. They are mainly raised for the meat because their growth rate is good.

    Embden Goose Weight

    The weight of Embden Goose varies in male and female Embden goose. Their body is round and bulky in appearance. The average weight of an Embden goose is about 9 kg, and the average weight of Embden geese is about 14 kg. These are hardy animals. Their ability to survive in different climatic conditions is very good. Their growth rate is fast and reaches maturity in the early stage of life. They take about 2 to 3 years to become mature. After three years of life, they start looking for a partner to mate and bring new ones to life.

    Embden Goose Height

    The Embden goose is the tallest geese among all other breeds. Height is a variable factor. The average height is over one meter or 3.3 feet and their large size is due to their massive body and long necks. Their large neck size makes their body look large and heightened and their necks make them prominent in a group of different goose breeds. The long height does not affect the weight. They actively use their feed to develop their body. After maturity, these geese are slaughtered for their meat. Their meat is sold at a high price in the market.

    Embden Goose Lifespan

    Embden goose is fast-growing geese and reaches maturity after 2 to 3 years of their life. After maturity, they try to find their mate for breeding. After maturity, they do not live much longer. The average lifespan of these Embden Goose is 2 to 3 years only. Their short lifespan does not affect their worth because their meat is sold at higher rates than their original purchase price. They are hardy and do not require any special habitat to live in. They can survive in different climatic conditions. They also do not demand any special food for their growth and development.

    Embden Goose Price

    The price of Embden goose varies according to the location, size and weight. In most regions of the world, Embden goose is sold according to their weight. The more the weight, the more will be the price. These geese are usually bought in bulk because the bulk purchase is cheap. The average price of a small-sized Embden goose is about 13.20 dollars to 11.88 dollars. The females are slightly heavier than the male geese, that’s why they are more expensive than the male goose. The average price of male Embden goose is 13 dollars to 15 dollars, and the average price of female Embden goose is about 16 dollars to 18 dollars.

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