Best Dogs for Seniors Over 65

Selection of a dog, for anyone, whether he is a kid or a senior, is a fun process. Dogs as pets are always selected according to the demand and needs of the person. Everyone has different preferences, and it affects the selection of a dog. The best pet selection varies from one senior person to another.

Seniors over 65 need a companion more than just a dog. They like to spend time with pets by caring for them. Some seniors want to keep a small-sized lap dog as a pet. Some seniors demand a pet having a large size and play around to make the environment happen. If the likes, abilities, and lifestyle of a dog suit a senior, he considers it the best pet ever.

    Some factors should be under consideration while choosing a pet for seniors over 65. The list of factors is written below;
    • Size
    • Age
    • Energy level
    • Temperament
    • Requirement for grooming
    Let’s read further which dog breeds are best for seniors over 65.

    Overall Best Dogs For Seniors over 65


    These are the best dogs for couples. They are intelligent and easy to train dogs. They require less grooming and need a daily walk, which is good for both seniors and dogs.

    Boston Terrier

    They are devoted and mild-tempered dogs. They like to sit in peace with seniors. They bark rarely and are easy to train. They do not require regular grooming. Hot weather is not suitable for them.

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    They are lap dogs and they work well with seniors and even with kids. They are playful, active, and entertaining. Regular grooming is required. They should be kept in a fence because they have a property to chase others.


    Maltese are also lap dogs and weigh up to seven pounds. They are playful and gentle and are also called as therapy dogs. They do not require outdoor exercises. They require daily brushing and washing on alternate days.


    Beagle is a sociable and energetic dog. They are friendly and like to make fun and are like to make new friends and long walks. They are scent-driven dogs and can easily hunt their prey. They require a proper fence to live in.

    Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    These are intelligent dogs and have high energy levels and make seniors pleased. Queen Elizabeth kept these dogs as pets as well. They like to travel and do outdoor activities. They are good watchdogs.


    These dogs have great personalities. They are entertaining and loyal. They are lap dogs and love to spend time there. They need training to meet others. They like to walk and wander around, finding new things.


    These are affectionate and lovely dogs. They require time and love from their owner and need brushing at least twice a week. They are easy to train. They have leadership qualities. These are among good options for seniors.

    Best Small-Sized Dogs For Seniors over 65

    • Pug
    • Bichon Frise
    • French bulldog
    • Shih Tzu
    • Havanese
    • Lhasa apso
    • Bolognese

    Best Large-Sized Dogs For Seniors over 65

    • Labrador retriever
    • Greyhound
    • Golden retriever

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