Gmo Salmon Pros and Cons

GMO salmon is a Genetically Modified Organism that is specially prepared for human consumption. FDA (Food and Drug Authority) has made AquAdvantage salmon by genetically engineering. It was prepared in the year 2015. Salmon is the first genetically engineered fish that is used for human consumption. It is the fastest-growing fish that becomes equal to the market fish size in half of its time. It takes almost 16 to 18 months to become equal to the weight of a market fish. At the same time, a conventional salmon takes almost 32 to 36 months to become mature. GMO salmon has a fast-growing gene that helps it to grow fast.

    GMO Salmon Pros

    GMO Salmon is very much identical to an ordinary salmon. There are no significant differences in the biology of an ordinary salmon and Genetically Modified Salmon. Keep in mind, the amount of genes in each of them differs. The normal amount of nutrients is found in AquAdvantage salmon according to studies performed. At the same time, ordinary salmon do not have an optimum number of nutrients. GMO salmon has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They can easily meet the nutritional requirement of the human body. 

    The high nutritional value in GMO salmon helps to improve overall human health. Especially, It improves the cardiovascular health of the human body. Ultimately consumption of GMO salmon reduces the risk of heart disease development when GMO salmon are prepared in half the time than ordinary salmon, the supply increases in the market. When the supply increases in the market relative to the demand, the cost lowers. The retail cost of a GMO salmon reduces in the supermarkets. This is how GMO salmons have affected food costs. The availability of GMO salmon in the market at cheap retail cost, anyone with a low budget can afford it. It ultimately helps to alleviate the hunger of society.

    Gmo Salmon Pros and Cons

    GMO Salmon Cons

    GMO salmons have multiple commercial and health benefits, but there are some disadvantages as well. The GMO salmons are prepared in hatcheries, but if accidentally these are released into the sea, these can compete with ordinary salmons. They can drastically reduce the availability of an ordinary salmon. They have fast growth rates, so they reproduce faster as well. This will make them spread throughout the sea within no time, and soon, the sea will be only having GMO salmons. Salmons have a relationship with a group of allergens. 

    They can cause allergies in people. The genetic modification of GMO salmon may cause allergies in some people, whereas ordinary salmon does not cause allergies in them. Eating GMO salmon without having an idea about allergies, can be fatal for humans. IGF-1 is the growth hormone found in the GMO salmon. It is present in high concentrations that may lead to health issues. This hormone can cause problems to blood, colon and prostate cancer, and breast. It can be a primary cause of developing these diseases. According to a commercial point of view, GMO salmon can cause a monopoly in the market. Due to the reduced retail price of the GMO salmon, the economists are disturbed.

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