Westie Maltese Mix Temperament, Lifespan, Size, Adoption

Westie Maltese mix is the combination of two different dog breeds. Maltese breed and West Highland White Terrier breed are bred together and their mix is called Westie Maltese Mix. The Westie Maltese mix has the fun-loving personality of Maltese and bold, a fearless personality from the West Highland White Terrier. These dogs first originated in the year 1980. The breeders intentionally breed two purebred dogs to create the hypoallergenic, small mixes. There are gentle variations in the dog breed. These designer dogs are good with humans and need their attention. They are perfect pets to keep at home.

    Westie Maltese Mix Temperament

    The temperament of the Westie Maltese mix is the combination of both the parent breeds. They are lovely companion dogs. Their attitude is feisty. They give themselves importance and are very devoted to their family. They are friendly with other animals as well. They have a strong instinct to chase and this trait is a descendant from West Highland White Terrier. They are highly socializing animals. They like to be the center of attention for everyone. They are cheerful and bright dogs that attract kids towards them. These dogs are kids' favorites. If these dogs are teased and roughly played, they become agitated and behave nippy.

    Westie Maltese Mix Temperament, Lifespan, Size, Adoption

    Westie Maltese Mix Lifespan

    The lifespan of the Westie Maltese mix is 12 to 14 years. Their lifespan is equivalent to the average lifespan of small dog breeds. Small-sized animals usually live longer than large-sized animals. Mix-breed dogs usually do not have any health issues because they are specifically bred to obtain the best mix ever. The inheritance of characteristics is a point to consider while breeding. The common health issues associated with these dogs are liver shunt, hypoglycemia, and patellar luxation. The issues of hip and joint include Legg-Calve Perthes Disease. The health conditions of the parent breeds also have an impact on a mixed breed.

    Westie Maltese Mix Size

    The size is a variable factor that increases with age and time. The average weight of a mature Westie Maltese mix is in the range of 10 to 16 pounds. The height of the Westie Maltese mix lies within the range of 10 to 11 inches. This size shows they are small-sized animals. Once they reach their maximum size, they stop growing. After maturity, they start reproduction. Their size is perfect to keep at home. Kids are comfortable playing with these small dogs. Westie Maltese mixes are playful and enjoy playing with kids. They usually take a year or two to reach maturity.

    Westie Maltese Mix Adoption

    The adoption of the Westie Maltese mix is an easy procedure. These are the designer dogs and can be bred on demand of the customer. The breeders of online websites usually take orders and breed the desired dogs for their customers. Beware of fake websites because they can misguide you. The Westie Maltese mixes are also available at pet shops. Other than pet shops, these can be found in shelter homes and rescue centers. There is a price difference for puppies from a pet shop and rescued centers. The rescued animals are available at cheaper prices than the puppies available at pet shops.

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