F6 savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

F6 savannah cat is a sixth-generation savannah cat. There is not much difference between F5 and F6 savannah cats. This generation's male savannahs are considerably fertile compared to F1, F2, F3, and F4 savannah generations. F6 and all onward generations of savannah cats continue to obtain fertile males for the continuity of this breed. F6 savannah cats are more like typical domestic cats and less like Serval cats. Their overall personality and behavior resemble domestic cats. F6 savannah cats are mostly kept at home as pets or bred for the purpose of fertile savannah males.

    F6 savannah cat Personality

    The personalities of F5 and F6 savannah cats resemble a typical domestic cat. These cats are only bred for the continuity of the generation. These cats are highly active and can be kept as protectors of the house. They have sharp senses and can easily sense any negativity around them. They are also curious to explore new things in life. These cats like to spend more time with kids and the people around them. They hardly know a stranger and get friendly with everyone. These traits are found in almost every generation of savannah cats except the F1 generation.

    F6 savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

    F6 savannah cat Size

    There is a minimal difference in the size of F6 savannah cats and typical domestic cats. The average weight of an F6 savannah cat falls within the range of 12 to 16 pounds. Talking about their height, F6 savannah cats are 10 to 13 inches tall. These cats are short as compared to F1, F2, and F3 savannah cats. This generation is the closest to typical domestic cats. F6 savannahs are kept at home as pets, but most breeders use them for breeding. These cats can be kept with kids because of their small size and their joyful nature.

    F6 savannah cat Adoption

    F6 savannah cats are not much adopted because of fewer Serval characteristics and more domestic cat characteristics. This generation of savannah cats is rare and cannot be found at rescue centers, shelter homes, and pet shops. These cats can be adopted from breeders. F6 savannah cats are bred only on demand because their demand is very low. One has to think before adopting them because these cats are like typical domestic cats by appearance and personality. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between F5 and F6 savannah cats because of maximum resemblance. So an experienced breeder should be contacted to adopt a Savannah cat.

    F6 savannah cat Cost

    The cost of the F6 Savannah cat is comparatively lower than the other generations of savannah cats. The average price range of a male F6 savannah cat is 1000 dollars to 4000 dollars. This price range may differ from region to region. A male savannah cat with medium fertility is sold in this price range. The age and size of the cat also affect the price. The traits and appearance vary from cat to cat, so the price. The patterns on the skin of F6 savannah cats differ, and their price is adjusted according to their appearance. The most demanded pattern is costly than others.

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