F7 savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

F7 savannah cats are the 7th generation cats of the savannah breed. These cats are like F6 and F5 savannah cats. Their appearance and traits also resemble a lot. Their size, like other generations of savannah cats, lean towards the typical domestic cats. In other words, F7 savannah cats and all the later generations of savannah are most likely large-sized typical domestic cats. Their overall health condition is very good and does not require special attention to their health. These cats also require minimum grooming because they are fast learners. Overall, these cats are good to keep at home with kids.

    F7 savannah cat Personality

    F7 savannah cats are either kept as a pet or bred for the purpose of continuity of their breed. This generation, like F6 and F5 generations of savannah, produces fertile males. F7 savannahs are well-mannered cats. These cats like to cuddle and stay in the lap for longer. They are perfect couch cats and like to be around people for maximum time. Their personality is wonderful. Their plus point is their domestic size and can be kept at home anywhere. These cats do not require any special place of their own to live. They socialize with others within no time.

    F7 savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

    F7 savannah cat Size

    F7 savannah cats are similar to large-sized domestic cats. The size of F7 and later generations do not differ much. The average size of an F7 savannah cat is in the range of 11 to 13 inches. Their average height is far less than the savannahs. The average height of an F7 savannah is near 11 inches or less than that. Their small size is a plus point to be kept at home with kids. Their friendly behavior and small domestic size make them attractive. Anyone enjoys the time spent with them. Their size is perfect to be kept in lap for hours.

    F7 savannah cat Adoption

    F7 savannah cats are not much adopted in the market, so they are not bred for the purpose of selling. If you are searching for an F7 savannah cat as a pet, then an experienced breeder may help you out. There are only a few savannahs breeders who are experienced in breeding these cats. Sometimes it is hard to find experienced breeders. Pet shops, shelter homes, and rescue centers are not spots for these cats. So, online websites may help in adoption. You should research a bit before adopting these cats because of the high-level similarity in all generations of savannah.

    F7 savannah cat Cost

    The price of F7 Savannah cats varies from region to region. The price also varies according to demand. The average price of a non-active male F7 savannah cat is in the range of 750 to 800 pounds. Contrary to it, the average cost of an active (fertile) F7 savannah is in the range of 2000 to 3500 pounds. The price for female F7 savannahs differs from the male. The average price of a non-active female F7 savannah cat is around 750 pounds, whereas the average price of an active (fertile) female F7 savannah cat is in the range of 1500 to 1750 pounds.

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