Miniature Schnauzer Pros and Cons

The miniature schnauzer, as their name indicates, are small-sized dogs. They are 12 to 14 inches in height. The larger cousins’ standard schnauzers were bred down to produce miniature schnauzer. Their beards are bushy, and their eyebrows are charming. Their attractive eyebrows resemble humans. Their coats are available in three different colors. The common colors are black, salt and pepper, silver, and solid black. They are farm dogs and very tough. They are muscular and have a strong touch. They are not aggressive but fearless as well. They are bright and easy to train. They are well suited to apartment life.

    Miniature Schnauzer Pros

    The pros of miniature schnauzer are weighted as compared to their cons. They are specially designed to achieve maximum benefits. They are perfect companions of people. Their people-oriented temperament is their major benefit. They are perfect to be kept by people who can actively provide them mental stimulation. Active people are the perfect company for them. They are very obedient and agile. These dogs work as good watchdogs. They bark aloud and make their master aware of any negative activity around them. If any stranger tries to walk in the house, they become alert and make their master aware of it. Their miniature size is very convenient. 

    Miniature Schnauzer Pros and Cons

    They can be kept in any corner of the house. Their loud barking ability is another positive aspect of their personality. They are perfect family dogs. Children also feel comfortable spending time with a miniature schnauzer. The small size of miniature schnauzer keeps them active all the time. They need regular exercise and walking. These dogs are the smallest animal in their breed. They are good to keep in an apartment. This is how they can spend maximum time with their master. They jump on sofas and beds and keep exercising the whole day.

    Miniature Schnauzer Cons

    The weight-age of the disadvantages of miniature schnauzer is low as compared to the advantages. These dogs shed their coat on a daily basis. So, regular grooming is required to make them look attractive and cool. Daily brushing of their coat is necessary to remove shedding hair. Clipping is also necessary to keep its coat intact. Their coat should be clipped every four to six weeks to make it look presentable. Regular cutting of hair is also necessary. Without clipping, their coat will shed more. The grooming requires expenses as well. This is considered another main drawback. 

    Spending money on their grooming every month is not possible for everyone. So mostly people learn to take care of their dog at home. This will reduce the expenses of their grooming. Learning grooming of these dogs also needs some initial investment. But if you are planning to keep a long term relationship with a miniature schnauzer, this investment will lead to less expensive grooming. These small-sized dogs have a beard on their face. This beard becomes dirty every time they take their meal. After every meal, cleaning of their beard is necessary. This also adds to their grooming demand.

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