Pros and Cons of Rice Bran for Horses

Kernel rice has an outer boundary layer known as rice bran. It is loaded with fat, vitamin B, and phosphorus. The content of the raw brain is estimated at 20 to 25 percent. Rice bran has high-fat content that may cause rancidity. So, to prevent rancidity, it is processed by passing through heat and pressure. The lipase enzyme got inactivated with heat and pressure. Lipase is an enzyme that causes rancidity. This processing does not affect the nutritional value of rice bran. Due to high nutritional value, it has a lot of benefits, but it also has drawbacks to consider.

    Rice Bran for Horses Pros

    There are multiple benefits of rice bran for horses. The major benefit of rice bran is high-fat content. Fat is beneficial to maintain the health and weight of horses. It adds calories to the diet of horses and leads to increased energy production. Fats also improves the coat quality of horses. Different brands of rice bran provide a different concentration of fat to the horses. It also contains omega essential fatty acids. Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids are provided through rice bran. The cell integrity and body coat of horses are nourished by these fatty acids. Vitamin E is also present abundantly in them. It is a powerful antioxidant and maintains the oxidative stress of the body. 

    It enhances the immune system, therefore, helping them to fight against diseases. Vitamin E prevents tying up. Gamma Oryzanol is a compound. That is present inside the body. It helps in the redevelopment of muscles and also repairs them. A processed or stabilized rice bran is rich in this compound. The fiber content is high in rice bran as compared to white bran. It causes fewer digestive problems. It helps to maintain a good weight of the body.

    Pros and Cons of Rice Bran for Horses

    Rice Bran for Horses Cons

    Along with the health benefits of rice bran, there are also few drawbacks that should be considered. Excess of everything is bad. Rice bran shows a lot of benefits if taken within the safe zone. But in the case of overeating, it can cause various problems. There are multiple brands of rice bran, and every brand has a different nutritional value. Some rice brans are more phosphorus than calcium. It can cause an imbalance in portions using grass hay as the prime source of forage. A balanced diet with rice bran is important. Otherwise, metabolic problems may occur.

    Overeating of rice bran may increase weight. As it contains high-fat content in it, and over-consumption of fats leads to increased calories in the body. High-calorie intake via diet can cause multiple health issues. It may cause heart problems as well as obesity. Overweight animals are hard to take care of. This is the only drawback associated with rice bran. By taking care of the diet, this can be overcome easily. A balanced diet needs to be maintained to provide the maximum nutritional value of rice bran and reduce the side effects. Horses should be taken for a walk after meals for maximum benefits.

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