American Staffordshire terrier Pros and Cons

American Staffordshire terriers are nick-named as Amstaffs. They are strong muscular dogs. Their height is 17 to 19 inches at the shoulders. They have a broad head and well-defined jaws. Their cheekbones are prominent and cute. Their eyes are wide-set and black. They move gracefully and have springy gait. Their agile movement shows the innate confidence of this breed. Their coat is stiff but glossy. Different colors are available in their coat. They are loveable and active dogs. They are well-aware of their surroundings. American Staffordshire terrier likes challenges, both mental and physical. Their training is an easy task.

    American Staffordshire terrier Pros

    The overall personality of the American Staffordshire terrier is interesting and consists of interesting facts. They are medium to large-sized dogs and perfect for protection. Their body is muscular and powerful. Their strength is their identity. Because of this characteristic, they are worth keeping as a watchdog. They are very good protectors. They are not aggressive at all. They are very friendly to humans. They are massive in size, so a strong deterrent or barrier is required to keep them bound. They are usually not aggressive at all.

    But still, protection is required. Their coat is very stiff but glossy. Their hair is sleek and shiny. The main advantage is its easy grooming. Different appealing colors are available in their coat. They have very good adaptability. In every kind of living environment, they can adjust themselves. They are very friendly and playful. They are very good watchdogs. They can be kept at home or farm for the protection purpose. Their affiliation with children is very good. They can play with them throughout the day and protect them side by side. They are good at making friends. Low grooming also costs less, and economically these dogs are good to go.

    American Staffordshire terrier Pros and Cons

    American Staffordshire terrier Cons

    The advantages of American Staffordshire terrier always weigh heavier than their disadvantages. They are not aggressive with people, but they can be proved aggressive towards other canines. They can cause a problem for other canines. They are highly active and require regular exercise. A person with a busy schedule cannot keep them because they need time for their social interaction. They make friends to play with. They socialize and learn new things daily. Regular exercise of an American Staffordshire terrier may not be possible for a busy person, so it is considered a drawback. Socializing is a must for them.

    Wandering around and interacting with others keeps them healthy and intelligent because they learn new things daily. They are very stubborn if not in a good mood. They like to live independently. They bark often so, people who do not like barking dogs cannot keep American Staffordshire terrier. Some legal liabilities should be considered, i.e., insurance problems, public perception, chances of lawsuits, and future breed bans. They may prove destructive when they are bored and do not get enough socialization. Only a confident owner can take charge of them.

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