How fast can a gayal run?

The scientific name of Gayal is Bos gaurus frontalis. It is also known as mithan. Gayal is a wild ox belonging to the family Bovidae. Gaur is the parent species of gayal. These are kept by the hill tribes located in Myanmar and Assam. The size of the gayal is shorter than Gaur.

The height of the gayal is 140 to 160 cm from the shoulder. The overall weight of bulls is heavier than cows. The average weight of bulls is 20 to 25 percent more than the weight of cows. Gayal bulls do not have huge shoulder hump like Gaur. The shape of their skull is shorter, flattened, and wide. 

The size of their horn is short but thick. The color of gayal bulls is black, and gayal cows are brown-black in color. The size of their legs is short, but they can run at a good speed. They usually run when they sense any predator around them. Their running speed is good enough to escape from a predator. They have a huge size that makes them protected from other animals like lions, cheetah, etc. 

They also have few enemies because of their size and speed. Gayals are short in height, so they can escape easily with the help of fast speed. The average running speed of gayal is around 35 meters per hour. They can run like a horse. 

How fast can a gayal run?

Their running speed is compared to a horse, and there isn't much difference in it. When they run with their maximum speed, it can be recorded around 56 kilometres per hour. They are calm by nature and good protectors as well. They come closer to people or with their kind at night time. 

They are perfect for keeping in settlements for protection and other purposes. They can survive in water and green grass. They don't require any special feed. They are known as Bison in India. The subspecies of Gaur resemble a lot, so sometimes it becomes hard to identify. They share almost the same characteristics. 

Gayal is social animals and mostly found in groups. Whenever they sense any fear around them, they become agile and start jumping fences no matter how high the fence is. This is a beneficial cattle breed, but there are two main threats they are facing. Due to the destruction in grasslands, the food becomes destroyed and no more available to eat. 

So, feeding these cattle becomes difficult. Due to the high demand of gayal meat in the market, they are being killed illegally, which is threatening their strength. The lifespan of Gaur or gayal or Indian Bison is 26 years. They send their whole life to serving people. They may die at the ending years of their life or maybe slaughtered for their meat. Their meat is exported all over the world at high prices. Hunting gayals is not an easy task because their senses are strong, size is big, and they have a really fast speed that can help them escape within seconds.

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