Giant Schnauzer Pros and Cons

Giant schnauzer is a large-sized schnauzer breed. It is considered the biggest schnauzer dog has a giant appearance. Their name indicates their size and presents the actual meaning of the giant. The average height of a male giant schnauzer is 27.5 inches from shoulder. Its average weight lies in the range of 90 to 97 pounds. They have a substantial muscular body. The giant schnauzer, because of its bigger size, looks bold and valiant. The color of their coat is either pure black or “pepper and salt.” All the sizes of this breed share almost the same characteristics. Giant schnauzer has harsh eyebrows and a beard.

    Giant Schnauzer Pros

    The advantages of giant schnauzer are like the other dogs of this breed. Their large size provides some benefits that others may not. They are large or better, say, “Giant.” They are athletic and like to exercise. They are active dogs and good protectors as well. Because of their size, they look elegant. Their coat presents a decent appearance. The fur of their coat is wiry (curly) that does not shed much. This low shedding property makes them perfect for kids and handles at home. Low shedding does not require regular grooming.

    Giant Schnauzer Pros and Cons

    So the overall cost of grooming reduces, and it is considered a major plus point of their personality. They have a whiskery face, and its expressions are wise. They like to play hard with humans as well as with other animals. They are very vigorous in athletic activities. Anyone can win a race with them. If you are an active person, a giant schnauzer is the best choice for you. They are very good observers and have protecting skills. They are usually kept as protectors of the house or kids. They are perfect for keeping with kids because they play and side by side protect them.

    Giant Schnauzer Cons

    The benefits of giant schnauzer sometimes become its drawbacks. The phrase “excess of everything is bad” fits in here. They are active and highly energetic, but this property of them makes them annoying sometimes. They require vigorous exercise daily. People who are not active or not much into exercising cannot keep them as pets. They require regular exercise and walk. When they are young, they jump a lot. Their jumping is exuberant and rowdy. This is not good for small children. Their excessive jumping can break things in the house. 

    They are very moody. Destruction may result in boredom. If they do not get enough exercise for the day, they may start breaking things around and cause destruction. They require regular exercise. Otherwise, they may harm others, as well. They are very aggressive and fearful. When they are not being socialized according to their requirement, they become very aggressive and violent. They may also show potential aggression to other animals. Their will is very strong and a sharp mind as well. Their owner should be confident and able to take charge of them. Their wiry coat requires regular trimming and clipping because its growth is very good.

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