How fast can an x-ray fish run?

The actual name of x-ray fish is x-ray tetra fish. It is called an x-ray fish because of its transparent body. It is an excellent choice to be kept by beginners. It may grow in size up to 1.5 inches. It is known for its fast swimming.

X-ray tetra fish are considered the fastest swimming fish among other varieties of tetras. The best place to keep these fish is under a reef. The best temperature of water suitable for x-ray tetra fish is 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH of the water should range between 6 to 8.

The fins of x-ray tetra fish are remarkable and distinctive. Their fins near the tail and anus help them swim faster in water. The actual speed of their swimming is not calculated yet but different events affect their swimming speed. The color of their tail is off red and a three-color pattern is observed in the fins of the dorsal and anal region. These colors are white, black, and bright yellow.

How fast can an x-ray fish run?

X-ray tetra fish are schooling fish that are mainly found in groups. Other than swimming speed, they are known for their tolerance and peaceful nature. If the allocated region for swimming is small, they feel unsafe and unprotected. In addition to small school size, if a predator fish is introduced to their space they become nervous.

This nervousness and unprotected feeling affect their swimming speed. These fish start roaming randomly in the fish tank. Their swimming speed increases when they are panicked.

Similarly, when these fishes see food, their swimming speed increases. The average speed of fish is 60 to 80 mm/s but when these fish see food, they rush towards it with maximum speed. X-ray tetra fish are omnivorous and may survive on both meat and greens.

These fish hunt insects, worms, and crustaceans. Small invertebrates are also involved in their diet. To fulfill the nutritional requirements of their body, bloodworms and brine shrimps are essential. They also feed on aquatic plants and drink the larvae of insects. All these food items make them excited and ultimately their speed is affected.

X-ray tetra fish have a swim bladder that is responsible for receiving sound waves in the water for good hearing. These fish have excellent hearing ability. X-ray tetra fish have a bony weberian apparatus that receives sound waves. These sound waves through the swim bladder reaches the inner ear. This system makes them unique from other tetras.

Their fast swimming speed and transparent bony structure of the body help them hide from predators. The fast and slow speed of x-ray tetra fish varies with the situation they are in. Their mood and surroundings affect their swimming behavior as well.

If you find your fish roaming randomly in the water tank, make sure he is safe because this swimming behavior shows their nervousness. When they see any predator around them, they just act nervous and weird. So always keep an eye on your fish for a healthy life.

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