F8 savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

F8 savannah cats are the 8th generation cats of Savannah. These cats are probably the second last generation registered. F6 and onward generations of savannah are bred for the fertile males. These males are used for the continuity of life. F8 savannah cats resemble a lot with F3 savannah cats in terms of temperament. Their appearance leans towards domestic cats. There are not any health problems associated with these cats. So, no special care is required. These cats are easy to train and their small size is good to keep at home with kids. These cats can be kept as pets.

    F8 Savannah Cat Personality

    The personality and temperament of the F8 Savannah cat resemble a lot with the F3 Savannah cat. These cats are loved and hugged most of the time. Anyone can enjoy spending time with them. These cats are handy because of their small size. Overall these cats are energetic and can play throughout the day without catching a breath. Because of their high intelligence, these cats can be trained easily. F8 savannahs love to socialize and make new friends. These cats like to travel with their master in the market or picnic points. When this generation is compared with F4 and F5 savannahs, these are less intelligent and energetic.

    F8 savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

    F8 Savannah Cat Size

    The size of an F8 savannah cat is small like a domestic cat. The average weight of an F8 savannah cat is 11 pounds. There may be a difference of an inch or half between different cats of this generation. Talking about their height, these cats are almost 11 inches tall from the shoulder. Their size is close to a large-sized domestic cat. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between an F8 savannah and a typical domestic cat. Their size is a plus point while keeping them as a pet in the house. These cats do not require a special place to live. 

    F8 Savannah Cat Adoption

    The adoption of an F8 savannah cat is harder than the adoption of other generations of savannah. These cats are not commonly available at rescue centers or shelter homes. So finding an experienced breeder may help. There are multiple websites at which breeders are selling F8 savannahs but always look for an experienced one. The breeding difficulty for F8 savannahs is very high so only an experienced breeder knows the facts of breeding them. F8 savannah cats are usually bred on demand and cannot be adopted readily from a pet shop. Breeders bred them for their purpose of achieving fertile males. 

    F8 Savannah Cat Price

    The price of an F8 savannah cat is high because of the production of highly fertile males. These males are important for the continuity of other generations of savannah. The price of male and female F8 savannah cats differ from the price of breeders. The average price of a male F8 savannah cat is in the range of 2000 dollars to 3000 dollars. The same price range is for female F8 savannah cats. In the case of male F8 Savannah cats bred for breeding, their price ranges from 3000 dollars to 6500 dollars. The average price of female F8 savannah cats for breeding ranges from 3000 dollars to 3500 dollars. 

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