Blue heeler doberman mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

The blue heeler Doberman mix is a crossbreed of a Doberman dog breed and a blue heeler dog breed. The blue heeler dogs are also known as Australian dogs. Blue heeler Doberman mix dogs are hybrid designer. These dogs do not have any prolonged history. This cross-breeding was accidental. The temperament, size, appearance, and price of blue heeler Doberman mix varies and is according to genetic dominance. These dogs are overall popular for their protection and security. These dogs are very good companions because their parent breed, Doberman is a canine companion. This hybrid mix is hardworking and very brave.

    Blue heeler Doberman mix Temperament

    The temperament of the blue heeler Doberman mix can be assessed by looking at its parent breeds. These dogs are very powerful and strong just like their parents. They have very strong drive abilities and prey instincts. These dogs get along with other animal breeds very well. They need socialization at the early stage of life to become friendly with others. They can buy themselves a time lonely even in a house full of noise. Like all other hybrid breeds, these dogs also respond to positive reinforcements. These dogs are affectionate and like to spend time with their people. They are very good protectors.

    Blue heeler doberman mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Blue heeler Doberman mix Size

    The size of a hybrid dog breed is dependent on the size of parent breeds. The average weight of a blue heeler Doberman mix is in the range of 35 pounds to 100 pounds. Their height may fall within the range of 20 inches to 27 inches. These dogs may have a lean body. Their size is medium to large. They are good with kids and you can keep them as pets for protection. They not only like to spend time with young kids but also protect them from negativity. These dogs can also be kept as watchdogs.  

    Blue heeler Doberman mix Adoption

    Blue heeler Doberman mix puppies are worthy to buy if you need a mature companion dog. These dogs can be easily adopted from shelter homes and rescue centers. A well-known breeder can also be contacted if you need to adopt a puppy instead of an adult dog. The breeder should be experienced and should have knowledge about its parent breeds. Try to visit the parent breeds yourself. Do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding the puppy. Rescue centers and shelter homes are the common pickup points for these dogs. These dogs do not need all of your time but there should be some specific time for them. 

    Blue heeler Doberman mix Lifespan

    The lifespan of the parent breeds matters a lot while considering the life expectancy of your hybrid pet. The average lifespan of a blue heeler is 13 years to 15 years whereas the average lifespan of a Doberman is 8 years to 10 years. So the mixed dog of these two dog breeds may live from 10 to 16 years. They may even live for more than 16 years. A puppy with a good health condition has greater chances of living a long life. Ask your breeder about the health condition of your pet before adoption, so you could spend a healthy time with your pet. 

    Blue heeler Doberman mix Price

    The price of a blue heeler Doberman mix puppy varies according to multiple factors. The age, size, appearance, location, and health can affect its cost. The average price of a blue heeler Doberman mix puppy is in the range of 450 dollars to 1200 dollars. The overall cost of adopting an adult blue heeler Doberman mix is up to 20,000 dollars or even more. The price will be comparatively less if you adopt these puppies from a rescue center or a shelter home. Once you adopt these puppies, you still have to spend money on their grooming annually.

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