Himalayan maine coon mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

The Himalayan Maine coon mix is a cross between a Maine coon and a Himalayan cat breed. It is a medium-sized cat breed. Their traits and appearance are dependent on genetic dominance. Most of these cats resemble Maine coon, but the colours of their coat are more like Himalayan cats. Both the parent breeds have large muscular bodies, so their mix is also a fluffy, massive, and heavily boned cat. Their tail may be either long like Maine coon or small in size like a Himalayan cat breed. These cats are very good companions for a person of any age.

    Himalayan Maine coon mix Personality

    The personality of a Himalayan Maine coon mix is either towards the Himalayan cat breed or the Maine coon mix. These cats are very gentle and sweet. They have some kitty-like activities. They like to play and easily adapt to any kind of environment. They can easily adjust themselves if they find a room for their exercise and play. Their voice is soft like a Maine coon. Like Himalayan cats, Maine coon Himalayan mix cats also like to sit in the lap and sleep right next to you. These cats are somewhat moody as well. Their friendly temperament makes them adjustable to minor changes in their routine. 

    Himalayan Maine coon mix Size

    The size of a Maine coon Himalayan mix is dependent on genetic dominance. The average weight of these cats is up to 20 to 25 pounds. These cats may look overweight, but in fact, they are not that healthy. Their body mass distributes evenly throughout the body and increases their weight. They may have a long tail up to 16 inches (max) in length. There is a slight difference in the weight of a male and a female Himalayan Maine coon mix cats. Their medium size is perfect for keeping at home. These cats can be kept with kids because they are very sweet. 

    Himalayan Maine coon mix Adoption

    The adoption of the Himalayan Maine coon mix is somehow a hard task because these cats are not very popular. They can be found after some research. If you are heading towards an online website, you should do a survey first. Find a breeder who is experienced. Ask as many questions as you want to ask. A good and educated breeder won’t mind your questions at all. These cats can also be adopted from a rescue center. If you need a cheaper cat, adopt them from a shelter home. You should also consider your routine before adopting a cat. 

    Himalayan Maine coon mix Lifespan

    Lifespan is another important factor to consider while adopting a cat. The lifespan of a mixed breed is dependent on the parent breeds as well. The average lifespan of a Himalayan Maine coon is in the range of 10 to 15 years. The mixed breeds usually live longer than the purebred cat breeds. Usually, the Himalayan Maine coon mixed cats live for 12.5 years, but in some cases, they may live up to 15 years or even more than that. These cats prove themselves a worthy pet as a very good companion. Their need for socialization is also moderate. 

    Himalayan Maine coon mix Price

    The Himalayan Maine coon mix price varies from place to place. Their price range is different for a kitty and an adult cat. The average price range of a Himalayan Maine coon mix is in the range of 600 dollars to 2500 dollars. This range is high because the price of Himalayan cats is high. Their price also varies according to their body size, weight, age, and other properties. Even their colours can affect their price. Their price may become even higher if they are in demand in the market. They do not need much grooming, so you have to spend on their adoption. 

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