Persian ragdoll mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

Persian ragdoll mix is a hybrid animal of two feline purebred cat breeds. The parent breeds are the Persian cat breed and a ragdoll cat breed. The mix of these two parent breeds is a very good house cat. The traits of the Persian ragdoll mix cat may differ from cat to cat because of the dominance of genetics. Both parent breeds have different coats. Persians have a long length coat whereas ragdolls have short hair or medium to long hair on their coat. So their resultant cat will also have long length hair. Grooming is required for these cats.

    Persian ragdoll mix Personality

    Like appearance and traits, personality is also a mix of both parent breeds. These cats are like dogs because of their actions. They follow people throughout the day and always keep on finding new things. These cats like to socialize. They like to meet people and other animals to make friends. Overall these cats are calm and need affections. They are affectionate and good to keep as home pets. They can be kept with kids because of their friendly behavior. They need attention and love from their people. It makes them mentally and physically calm. They need time to play and exercise to be fit and healthy. 

    Persian ragdoll mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Persian ragdoll mix Size

    The size is a variable factor and it mainly depends on the size of parent breeds involved in crossbreeding. These cats may either be large like ragdolls or maybe medium-sized cats like Persians. The growth rate of these cats is slow. They may become an adult in 3 years. Both parent breeds are big in size, so their resultant mix will also be big. The average weight of a male Persian ragdoll mix is up to 20 pounds whereas the average weight of a female Persian ragdoll mix is up to 15 pounds. They may have short legs like Persian cats. 

    Persian ragdoll mix Adoption

    Adoption is no more a hard task in the current century. There are thousands of breeders online that are offering your desired cats with a lot of information. You can simply visit their site and can order a kitten. Other adoption points include shelter homes and rescue centers. You have to look for an experienced breeder to avoid scams. The prices vary at different adoption points. The shelter homes and rescue centers are selling these cats at cheaper rates than a well-known breeder. A well-known breeder may ask for the price of his choice. You should research a lot before adapting any cat. Always buy one that goes with your routine. 

    Persian ragdoll mix Lifespan

    The lifespan of both parent breeds is long. So, the mix of Persian and ragdoll is also long. The ragdoll cat may live up to 15 years or sometimes up to 20 years. The other parent breed i.e. Persian cats may live up to 18 years. So a Persian ragdoll mix may live up to 20 years. The hybrid cats usually live longer than the feline purebred cats. Also, it is believed that large-sized cats live longer than small-sized cats. There may be some health problems associated with the Persian ragdoll mix because ragdoll cats usually suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 

    Persian ragdoll mix Price

    The price of a Persian ragdoll mix is not too high. The price varies from location to location. The overall average cost of a Persian ragdoll mix cat is 150 to 200 pounds. In Pakistan, these cats are available at the cost of 6000 PKR. The price also varies according to the size. Kittens are usually more expensive than adult cats. If you are ordering a newly bred kitten for yourself, you may have to pay the breeders their desired amount. Before buying these cats, must check if these cats are compatible with your daily routine because these cats need attention. 

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