Ragdoll siamese mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

Ragdoll Siamese mix is the hybrid breed of two different breeds, i.e. Ragdoll and Siamese cat breed. The mix of these two cats tends to look more likely Ragdoll instead of the Siamese. They rather have long hair on their coat like Ragdoll instead of short hair like the Siamese. Ragdoll Siamese has blue eyes, and their temperament is like Ragdoll. Their vocals are loud resembling Siamese, but their laid back nature is from the side of Ragdoll. These are complicated hybrid kittens. Their intelligence is adorable, and it came from the Siamese cat breed. They have some of their characteristics resembling dogs.

Ragdoll Siamese mix Personality

    The personality of the Ragdoll Siamese mixed breed is complicated. They tend more towards Ragdoll by personality and appearance. These are very dedicated kittens. They are loved by everyone because of their affectionate behaviour. They are extraordinary affectionate. They like to play, but sometimes they become stubborn and willful. The important thing is; they do not like getting scold over small things. Rather they make themselves correct with mild correction. They should be rewarded with their favourite things at every good deed because it encourages them. These kittens like to give kisses and cuddle in the lap. Their fur is very soft; no one could resist touching them.

    Ragdoll siamese mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Ragdoll Siamese mix Size

    The size of a mixed breed depends on the size of its parent breeds. Similarly, the size of Ragdoll and Siamese matters a lot. The average weight of a Ragdoll Siamese mix kitten is within the range of 10 to 20 pounds or more. This is the weight range of male Ragdoll Siamese mix kittens. In the case of a female Ragdoll Siamese mix, their weight ranges between 10 to 15 pounds. They have a slow maturation rate. They take more time to become adults as compared to other cat breeds. At the age of 4 years, they become mature.

    Ragdoll Siamese mix Adoption

    The adoption of the Ragdoll Siamese mix is not that easy. These kittens have a lot of similarities with other cat breeds. You should have enough knowledge to identify them from others. These hybrid kittens can be adopted from online websites. There are multiple breeders who are running these websites. You have to find an experienced breeder to get your desired cat. Other than websites, you can rescue them from rescue centers. The breeders usually mention all the details regarding breed on their site, but at rescue centers, you have to do research and ask questions about them. These kittens take longer to adopt than other breeds.

    Ragdoll Siamese mix Lifespan

    The lifespan of the Ragdoll Siamese mix is longer than 15 years. Its parent breeds also live up to 15 years or sometimes more than this. Siamese cats are already well-known for living a long life. Its mixed breed will definitely live longer. In the case of the Ragdoll cat breed, they may live up to 19 and a half years. Hybrid animals live longer than purebred animals. Even size plays an important role. Small-sized animals usually live longer than large animals. The long lifespan of the Ragdoll Siamese mix breed makes them more strong. These cats are loyal to their people. You have to take care of their health.

    Ragdoll Siamese mix Price

    The parent breeds of the Ragdoll Siamese mix are expensive. So, their mixed breed is also expensive. The average price of a Siamese kitten is around 250 dollars. The price of the Siamese pedigree is in the range of 400 dollars to 1000 dollars. This price range is set by a reputable breeder. Talking about Ragdoll, their average price is around 850 USD dollars. This price is for a pet cat. If these cats are bought as show cats, their price increases by 2700 USD dollars. With the above-mentioned price ranges, you can calculate a price range for the Ragdoll Siamese mix.

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