Bloodhound boxer mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

A bloodhound boxer mix is a combination of two entirely different dog breeds. A boxer and a bloodhound are crossbred to obtain this amazing mix. Their traits are dependent on genetic dominance. Sometimes they share the traits from both the parents. These designer dogs are perfect for kids. As they can easily bear or tolerate the friendly abusive behaviour of kids. They are the protectors of kids as well. The colour of their coat may vary. Brown, black, tan, fawn, brindle, white, and multicolour are common. They are not long-living animals. They have a very sharp sense of smell. 

    Bloodhound boxer mix Temperament

    The temperament of these designer hybrid dogs is a mix of both the bloodhound and a boxer. They are very active dogs. Daily, they require exercise to consume their energy. They have a very sharp sense of smell. Socializing is the most important part of their life. It makes their temperament friendly with people and other animal breeds. These dogs cannot be left alone because they may get anxiety and depression when left alone. They are very good watchdogs. While playing with kids, they do not only play but also protect the kids from all negativity around them.

    Bloodhound boxer mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Bloodhound boxer mix Size

    The size of a male bloodhound boxer mix differs a bit from female dogs. The males are usually bigger than females. The average weight of a boxer bloodhound mix is in the range of 45 pounds to 65 pounds. They are small to medium-sized dogs. Their weight may vary within the breed because the size of parent breeds matter. Their size is very comfortable for the kids. They are not very big to be handled by an adult. Their size is also compatible with taking on a trip or a picnic. They can be carried out for a walk because they require exercise for better health. 

    Bloodhound boxer mix Adoption

    Adoption of a bloodhound boxer mix requires detailed study. Do complete research before adopting a pet. Choose a compatible pet according to your routine and demands. If you are an extrovert and like to explore the world, bloodhound boxer mix is the perfect pets for you. They are energetic dogs and like to go out, socialize, and make new friends. They are also very good working dogs. They easily adjust to a family. You can find them from different adoption points like online websites, breeders, pet shops, shelter homes, and rescue centers. A breeder can breed your favorite pet only on your demand.

    Bloodhound boxer mix Lifespan

    10 to 12 years the average lifespan of a bloodhound boxer mix. Boxers do not have a longer lifespan. They may live a maximum of up to 10 years. Talking about bloodhounds, they may live up to 12 years. So, their mix of designer dogs can live from 10 years to 12 years. If you are about to adopt these pretty cute dogs, you must have a look at their health profile and ask about their lifespan as well. If you are okay with their shorter lifespan, then go for them. They may get some genetic health problems inherited from their parent breeds that can further shorten their lifespan. 

    Bloodhound boxer mix Price

    Price is a variable. Depending on the location, size, age, adoption point, and colour, their price may differ. Both the parent breeds are not very expensive. They are available within the range of 500 dollars to 1200 dollars. If you are willing to buy these pretty dogs from a rescue center or shelter home, you are going to get them at a low price of around 500 dollars. Otherwise, you have to spend around 1200 dollars for their adoption. Puppies are usually more expensive as compared to adults. These medium-sized dogs may require grooming as well. So, be prepared to spend on their grooming as well. 

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