Coonhound german shepherd mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

The coonhound german shepherd mix is not a famous hybrid breed. There are different types of coonhounds that can be bred with a German Shepherd, but the Black and Tan Coonhound is most commonly crossbred with a German Shepherd. These mixed breeds are a mix of two purebred animals, i.e., 50 percent coonhound and 50 percent German Shepherd. They may have a fine coat like Black and Tan coonhound or a fuzzy coat like the German Shepherd. They are available in red, tan, black, and silver color. These mixed dogs require minimal grooming because they shed a lot. Both parents shed excessively, and so they.

    Coonhound german shepherd mix Temperament

    The temperament of the coonhound german shepherd mix is affectionate and kind. These dogs are highly intelligent because both the parents are intelligent breeds. They are alert and gentle. Their friendliness is appreciable with kids and strangers. These dogs are lovable and confident. These mixed dogs are loyal ones. They are easy-going. You can keep them as watchdogs. Their adaptability is good. They can easily adjust to different environments. These creatures can be trusted. They are alert yet obedient. They follow almost every order of their owner. They are very disciplined. Because of their sharp sense of smell, they are used for SAR (Search And Rescue) purposes.

    Coonhound german shepherd mix Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Coonhound german shepherd mix Size

    The size of a coonhound german shepherd mix is large. Both parents are large in size. There is always a slight difference in the weight and height of male dogs and female dogs. The average weight of a male coonhound German Shepherd mix is in the range of 62.5 pounds to 77 pounds, whereas female dogs vary in weight from 60 pounds to 62.5 pounds. When their height is measured, the male coonhound German Shepherd mix stands up to 25 inches from the shoulder. When females are measured for height, they stand up to 23 inches from the shoulder.

    Coonhound german shepherd mix Adoption

    The adoption of a coonhound german shepherd mix is easy. But you should think twice before going for these large-sized cuties. Consider your daily routine and lifestyle before adopting these dogs. These hybrid dogs are not made for apartment living. They can be taken out for a walk. Their adaptability is very good. They can easily adapt to the changes in the environment. You can always find them at a famous breeder’s shop because of their popularity. As these dogs are used for SAR (Search And Rescue) services, usually organizations have them. You may also find them at pet shops and online websites.

    Coonhound german shepherd mix Lifespan

    The average lifespan of a coonhound german shepherd mix is from 10 to 13 years. Large-sized dogs usually live a short lifespan as compared to small-sized dogs. So they live up to 13 years on average. They spend a healthy life as other designer dogs. There are a lot of health conditions that get a skip in crossbreeding. The parent breeds of these dogs are healthy, so their mixed breed is also healthy. They usually die a natural death after living a healthy lifespan. Some health problems from the side of the coonhound may get inherited by them. So, a regular visit to a veterinary doctor is necessary.

    Coonhound german shepherd mix Price

    Coonhound german shepherd mix is not much expensive. The average price of a German shepherd is in the range of 800 dollars to 2000 dollars, whereas the average price of a coonhound is in the range of 300 dollars to 400 dollars. Calculating the average price of Coonhound German Shepherd mix, they are available from 500 dollars to 2000 dollars. If a breeder is contacted, the prices will be high but if you want to purchase a cheap pet, contact a rescue organization. Always remember, you have to spend on their grooming later. So, think at least twice before spending on them. 

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