F1b great danoodle Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

F1b great danoodles are first-generation backcross dogs. A Great Dane and a Poodle are crossbred to obtain an F1 Great danoodle. When an F1 Great danoodle is backcrossed with one of the parent breeds, i.e., Poodle, they produce an F1b Great danoodle. The other names of these dogs are Danepoo, Danedoodle, Great Danedoodle, and Great Danepoo. These backcrossed hybrid animals are 75 percent Poodle and only 25 percent, Great Dane. They tend to have more resemblance with Poodles as compared to Great Danes. They are perfect family dogs. There is little to no shedding in F1b Great danoodles.

    F1b great danoodle Temperament

    The temperament of these designer dogs is more like Poodles because of the greater genetic percentage. These beautiful large-sized dogs are friendly. They are easy-going. You can easily train them without any special efforts. They are affectionate and intelligent like Poodles. They like to travel a lot. So, you can take them out for picnics, trips, social parties, and walk. They like to socialize and make new friends. They are good with kids and other pets as well. Do not try to leave them alone on their own otherwise, and anxiety may overcome their mind. These cuties are polite and affectionate. When they are happy, they jump and lick their owner.

    F1b great danoodle Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    F1b great danoodle Size

    The F1b Great danoodles are large-sized designer dogs. The size of Poodle, as a parent, matters a lot in the estimation of F1b Great danoodle size. The average height of an adult F1b great danoodle is in the range of 28 inches to 30 inches, and their weight is in the range of 90 pounds to 110 pounds. Their size is not suitable to carry in hands. You can take them out on jogging and walk for a good company. They are very obedient and intelligent. They respond quickly to your orders. So, you can make them do anything you want.

    F1b great danoodle Adoption

    The adoption of these Poodles resembling hybrid dogs is not a problem anymore. You can easily find them anywhere. Look for at least 3 to 4 adoption spots around you to have a clear idea about the quality and price. You can adopt them from a breeder because breeders are more responsible regarding the health of their dog. These dogs are family dogs. So, if you have a family and kids, you should go for their adoption. Contrary to it, if you are a traveling person, you should not adopt them. Loneliness can overcome their mind with anxiety and depression.

    F1b great danoodle Lifespan

    The lifespan of an F1b Great danoodle is from 8 years to 13 years. Large-sized dogs usually live a short lifespan as compared to small-sized dogs. 8 years to 13 years is the perfect lifespan for these beauties. Some of the health problems can be inherited from Poodles to these designer dogs. There is no guarantee for their health. You should check their health status before adoption. If you want to avoid genetic health issues, take your pet regularly to a vet. Some of the common health problems they face include Addison's disease, epilepsy, cancer, skin problems, eye problems, and heart problems.

    F1b great danoodle Price

    The average price of an F1b Great danoodle is in the range of 700 dollars to 1500 dollars. They may be available at a high price when you approach a well-known breeder. Some specific colors of these dogs are sold at high prices as well. The size of hybrid dogs also affects their price. If you want to purchase a cheap dog, you should contact a rescue organization. There you may find them at a lower cost, i.e., around 500 dollars. After adoption, you have to spend money on their grooming as well. They are low shedders, which means they require more grooming.

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