Bernefie (Bernese Mountain Dog Newfoundland mix) Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

Bernefie is a mixed dog breed that is obtained by cross-breeding two interesting dog breeds. One of the parent breeds is Bernese Mountain Dog and the other one is Newfoundland. Both of the parent breeds are giant and so their mixed breed is. Bernefie is an interesting hybrid breed that could survive in cold temperatures. They have a thick coat on their body that protects them from extreme temperatures. They are great working dogs that are used for herding purposes. Because of the thick coat on their body, they require regular grooming. Brushing regularly would reduce the chances of matting.

    Bernefie Temperament

    Bernefie is an interesting dog breed that has a mixed temperament of both parent breeds. Both parent breeds resemble a lot by temperament. Bernefie dogs are intelligent and kind. Because of their intelligence, they are very easy to train. They are very affectionate to kids, other pets, and strangers. They are very courageous and can fight anyone protecting their loved ones. They are loyal to their owners and could play with fire for them. They are always looking forward to making their owner happy. They can easily become overweight, so they require regular walks to maintain their health.

    Bernefie (Bernese Mountain Dog Newfoundland mix) Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

    Bernefie Size

    Bernefie dogs are large-sized dogs. The size of the parent breeds majorly affects the size of their mixed breed. Both the parent breeds are giant in size and so their mixed breed is. On average, the weight range of a Bernefie is in the range of 90 pounds to 150 pounds. Talking about their height, they stand 25 inches to 29 inches in height from their shoulders. Their large size is suitable for walks and jogging. You can take them to social parties as well. They will help you to expand your social circle. They need regular exercise to maintain their health.

    Bernefie Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Bernefie is like other large-sized dogs. A healthy Bernefie lives a minimum of up to 12 years and a maximum of up to 15 years. These large-sized Bernefie are healthy dogs as compared to their parent breeds. They are intentionally crossbred to obtain a healthier dog with fewer health issues. They may get some genetic health issues from their parents. Bernefie may also die before their time because of anxiety and depression. Inappropriate diet and improper exercise may also contribute to shortening their life expectancy. They are suitable to keep in a large house or a house with a yard.

    Bernefie Adoption

    The adoption of a Bernefie is recommended for those who live in a large house or a house with a yard. These canines need space to live with their family. If you have spare time for these beauties, you should adopt them but if you are a busy person, these dogs are not a good option for you. You can contact a rescue center and a shelter home to adopt them. If you do not have a problem with money, you can contact a reputable breeder and a pet shop. There are a lot of online websites that offer adoption so you do not have to visit any store.

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