Border-Aussie (Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix) Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

Border Aussie is a hybrid dog breed that is produced from the crossbreeding of two interesting purebred dog breeds. Border Aussie is the mix of a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd. The temperament of a Border Aussie is also a mix of both parent breeds because they share equal genetics from both sides. They are intentionally bred to obtain a hybrid with the best traits and temperament. These canines are also called first-generation dogs. Both parents share a lot of physical characteristics so, their mix also appears like them. Australian Shepherds are comparatively taller and heavier than Border Collies so, it impacts their size and appearance.

    Border-Aussie Temperament

    Border Aussies are out-going dogs who like to explore the world. They like to socialize and expand their circle. They are very friendly and no one could feel any kind of fear from them. They are active working dogs who never get tired of their duties. They are always oriented towards their duties. Like the parent breeds, Border Aussies are very intelligent. They are friendly with kids, other pets, and strangers as well. Sometimes they behave reservedly with strangers. But once they get familiar with them, no one could stop them from proposing a hand for friendship. They cannot survive in anxiety.

    Border-Aussie Size

    The size of a Border Aussie is dependent on the size of its parent breeds. If the parents are large, their hybrid will also be large, and vice versa. The size of an Australian Shepherd is comparatively larger and heavier than the size of a Border Collie. So, the hybrid Border Aussie has a medium size. The average height of a Border Aussie is in the range of 48 cm to 56 cm from the shoulder and their average weight is in the estimated range of 25 kg to 28 kg. They are good working dogs and their size is accurate for this purpose.

    Border-Aussie Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Border Aussie hybrid dog is within the expected range of 10 years to 17 years. They are medium-sized dogs and may live an average lifespan. They are working dogs and very good companions. Both their parent breeds are healthy so, these hybrid canines also live a healthy life. They are prone to some genetic health issues that may appear in their parents. Other than health issues, anxiety and depression of being lonely could also shorten their lifespan. Their life expectancy can be elongated if they are fed with a proper quality diet. To maintain their health, they need regular checkups with a vet.

    Border-Aussie Adoption

    The adoption of Border Aussie is suitable for families. If you are a single person living in the house, these canines could prove a very good and entertaining companion. All they need is your attention and affection. Leaving them alone for a long time may lead them to anxiety and depression. If you are a traveler, these dogs are not suitable for you. For adoption, you may contact a reputable breeder and a pet shop but if you need a cheap adoption, rescue centers and shelter homes are a very good option. Rescue centers are always recommended for adoption.

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