Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf Personality, Temperament, Size Comparison, Price

Holland Lop is one of the famous rabbit breeds known as the hybrid of Netherland Dwarf and French Lop. Netherland Dwarf (also known as a small polish rabbit) is obtained from smaller wild rabbits. Holland Lop looks like a bunny and originated from the Netherlands. In different countries of the world, the Holland Lop is known as Miniature Lop because of its small size. They are flat-faced rabbits and their ears are floppy. Talking about Netherland Dwarfs, as their name indicates, they are also originated from the Netherlands and available in small (dwarf) sizes. The Netherland Dwarf is the domestic rabbit breed. They are usually kept as pets in the house. 

    Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf Personality

    The personality of both Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf resembles because of the genetic relationship. Holland Lops appear to have a huge look but its size is small. They have a thick and strong set of bones that may affect their overall body weight. They have a big and bold head with small-sized thick ears. The head and eyes of a Netherland Dwarf are big and do not show any symmetry with the whole body. The ear is small in size and higher than usual. Netherland Dwarfs are baby pets that have rather small faces. They are unique and associated with the intrinsic animal’s dwarfism. 

    Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf Personality, Temperament, Size Comparison, Price
    Holland Lop

    Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf Personality, Temperament, Size Comparison, Price
    Netherland Dwarf 

    Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf Temperament

    The temperament of Netherland Dwarf is a bit complicated while Holland Lops have a simple personality that could melt anyone’s heart. Holland Lop serves as a very good pet for kids but Netherland Dwarf is not for children because sometimes they may become aggressive and skittish around kids. Netherland Dwarfs have an attitude in their personality. Holland Lops are designer rabbits that are intentionally bred to obtain the desired temperament. They are very social and fairly mellow. For kids, these rabbits are the perfect fit as pets. They are considered as the Golden Retrievers of the rabbit world and Netherland Dwarfs are the Greyhounds. 

    Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf Size

    The size of a Holland Lop is small or better say dwarf size whereas Netherland Dwarfs are considered among the smallest rabbit breeds. The average weight of an adult and healthy Holland Lop falls in the range of 2 pounds to 4 pounds. Talking about the weight of Netherland Dwarfs, their weight falls in the range of 1.1 pounds to 2.5 pounds. There is a minor weight difference in both breeds yet they both are called small rabbit breeds. Both of them are easy to carry around. They can cuddle in the lap for hours. Both can be adopted as pets but you have to choose according to their temperament. 

    Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf Comparison

    The Holland Lop differs from Netherland Dwarfs in a lot of ways. Holland Lops are infamous designer rabbits whereas Netherland Dwarfs are the famous rabbits because of their exceptionally small size and cute looks. Holland Lops are small dwarfs that have a specific gene named Dw gene whereas Netherland Dwarfs irrespective of their name lack this gene. Holland lops are designer rabbits but Netherland Dwarfs are not designer rabbits. Netherland Dwarfs are sometimes aggressive and skittish; they have a bossy nature to rule everyone. Holland Lops are more down-to-earth. They are friendly and social. They can be kept with kids in the house but Netherland Dwarfs cannot. 

    Holland Lop vs Netherland Dwarf Price

    Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf has a similar price range. The average cost of a healthy and adult Netherland Dwarf is in the range of 30 dollars to 90 dollars. These rabbits are easily available so they have an affordable cost around the world. They are mostly adopted as pets. The average price of a Holland Lop is a bit higher than the other ones. They are available in the range of 20 dollars to 400 dollars depending upon the region and availability of the rabbit. Their price also varies according to vaccination, lineage, fertility, and pedigree. 

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