Persian vs Himalayan Cat Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Persian and Himalayan cats are the two different cat breeds that are popular all over the world. The Persian cat is one of the most popular pedigree felines in North America and Himalayan cats are famous in the United States. Himalayan cats are the Persian cats that are intentionally bred in the United States to obtain their colored points. The Himalayan cats are mostly back-linked with the Persian cats so there is a great similarity in their appearance and traits. The origin of Persian cats is still a mystery. Both these cat breeds are affectionate and calm. They can be easily found all over the world for adoption.

    Persian vs Himalayan Cat Personality

    The personality of a Persian cat is noticeably intelligent. These cats are known for their intelligence all over the cat world. Their behavior and manners make them everyone’s favorite. These cats do not demand anyone’s affection and attention but they may become extra vocal whenever they feel neglected. Himalayan cats have a loving and sweet temperament. These cats are good at creating a strong bond with their people. Like Persian cats, these cats are also not demanding. They do not ask for affection and attention. 

    Persian vs Himalayan Cat Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price
    Persian Cat

    Persian vs Himalayan Cat Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price
    Himalayan Cat

    Persian vs Himalayan Cat Size

    The size of a kitten is always dependent on the size of its parent breeds. The size varies from cat to cat. The average size of a Persian cat is somehow the same as a Himalayan cat. In the case of a Persian cat, their average weight is in the range of 7 pounds to 12 pounds whereas their length is in the range of 14 inches to 18 inches. Talking about the other cat breed, Himalayan cats weigh within the range of 7 pounds to 12 pounds whereas their length measures from 17 inches to 19 inches. The female cats are comparatively shorter than the male chats. 

    Persian vs Himalayan Cat Lifespan:

    The lifespan is an important factor that is considered while adopting a pet. Both Persian and Himalayan cat breeds live a longer lifespan than other cats. On average, a Persian cat may live from 10 years to 15 years whereas a Himalayan cat may live from 9 years to 15 years. Their life expectancy can be increased by providing them with a quality diet and exercise. They need to be taken to a vet regularly for the maintenance of their health. These beautiful cats are prone to some genetic and acquired health issues so, make sure to vaccinate them timely. 

    Persian vs Himalayan Cat Price:

    The price of a Persian cat differs from the price of a Himalayan cat. The factor of price varies according to location, availability, colors, age, and personality. The average price of a Himalayan cat varies from 1800 USD dollars to 3500 USD dollars. Compared to them, Persian cats are cheap. The average cost of a Persian kitten is in the range of 1300 dollars to 1500 dollars whereas the average cost of an adult Persian cat is in the range of 600 dollars to 1800 dollars. This price range is reasonable for everyone. If you are looking for a cheaper adoption, rescue centers are the best place to visit. 

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