Abyssinian Siamese Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

The Abyssinian Siamese mix cat is also known as Ocicat. Abyssinian and Siamese are two different cat breeds that are bred together to obtain a very beautiful and interesting cat breed named Ocicat. Abyssinian Siamese mix is a medium to large-sized cat breed that has a spotted coat on its body. Their body is well-muscled and heavy. There are many colors available in these cats. These beautiful spotted cats look wild and may show aggression sometimes. Ocicat shares 50 percent traits from both parent breeds. To see the best traits of Abyssinian cat and Siamese cat in a single breed, this cat has been produced. 

    Abyssinian Siamese Mix Personality

    The personality of Abyssinian Siamese mix cat shares the temperament of both parent breeds. These cats look like wild animals but their temperament is not as wild beasts. These cats are not aggressive usually until they get teased by someone. They are playful with the kids in the house. They are friendly with other pets as well. Their intelligence is remarkable. They can easily understand things around them. Like their parent breeds, these cats are also curious about new things. They are always on a mission to discover new things and explore the world. They enjoy the company of humans and have proved very good companions. 

    Abyssinian Siamese Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Abyssinian Siamese Mix Size

    The size of the Abyssinian Siamese mix cat is medium to large. These cats are dependent on their parent breeds for their size and temperament. On average, an Abyssinian Siamese mix cat may weigh from 6 pounds to 15 pounds. When these beauties are measured for their height, they stand from 9 inches to 11 inches from the shoulder. These cats are travel-friendly because of their size. They can easily sneak into a house or a restaurant. They like to accompany humans on their trips and picnics. These beauties like to socialize and make new friends. So, you can always take them to social parties to enhance your circle. 

    Abyssinian Siamese Mix Lifespan

    The lifespan of an Abyssinian is long enough to spend quality time with them. These beautiful cats are hybrid and hybrid cats are believed to have a longer life expectancy than purebred cats. These cats are expected to live from 12 years to 18 years of healthy life. These cats are prone to some genetic health issues that may cost their life. If they are not properly cared for, their life may end before time. For a healthy life companionship, regular checkups to a vet are required. These cats require a quality diet and exercise. Proper grooming sessions are also required. 

    Abyssinian Siamese Mix Price

    The price of an Abyssinian Siamese cat is very high. Unlike other cats, these beauties are quite expensive. If you are looking for a kitten, you may have to spend from 800 dollars to 2500 dollars. Adult cats are even more expensive. So, for a cheaper adoption, you may contact a rescue center or a nearby shelter home. If you can purchase an expensive cat, you should contact a reputable breeder and a nearby pet shop. You can also make an online purchase that would deliver your desired kitten to your doorstep. The prices of these kittens are not certain and may vary individually. 

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