Coydog Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

A Coydog is a dog breed that is produced by interbreeding wolf-like species. These dogs are canid hybrids that show great resemblance to a wolf. Canids are the living creatures like jackals, dogs, and coyotes that are similar to a wolf. A Coydog can be produced by interbreeding two wolf-like canid hybrids. They are often mistaken for Coywolves that are the result of interbreeding a coyote and a wolf. Coywolves are more commonly available as compared to Coydogs. These dogs are wolf-like not only by appearance but by personality as well. They have sharp senses like wolves because of genetic participation. 

    Coydog Temperament

    The temperament of a Coydog varies from one individual to another. These dogs, like their parent dogs, are also docile and manageable. They are domestic animals that can be kept at home with family. They also have a wild touch in their personality. Their temperament is sometimes mischievous. Their personality is highly unpredictable. These dogs should only be adopted by those who can understand their moods and demands. If you are a beginner, these dogs are not for you. They are shy, gentle, and timid. They are both friendly and fearful for the family members. They may also become aggressive sometimes. 

    Coydog Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Coydog Size

    The size of a Coydog is medium to large. Their size varies from individual to individual. On average, their weight varies between the range of 60 pounds to 120 pounds. Their height is measured between the range of 22 inches to 28 inches from the shoulder. These dogs have a strong body like athletes. They have upright or triangular ears and a long muzzle. They have a dual characteristic of barking and howling. They have brown colored eyes and their tail is bushy. Coydogs have a dense coat on their body that requires grooming regularly. These dogs have a stable color that is inherited from their coyote parent. 

    Coydog Adoption

    The adoption of a Coydog is recommended for those who are experienced. These dogs are not for beginners. They are sometimes wild, unpredictable, and dangerous for kids and beginners. A trained person should adopt these fierce canines. If you want to adopt such dogs, you can choose any dog cousin of this Coydog breed. They will have the appearance of a Coydog but will not be harmful. These dogs are not safe to adopt for families, especially if you have kids in the house. The unpredictable personality of a Coydog is not safe for beginners. They need to be trained and socialized to properly participate in gatherings. 

    Coydog Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Coydog is different for every single dog. It depends upon multiple factors. On average, these dogs may live anywhere between 5 years to 15 years. These surviving years are dependent on the living environment whether they are living in the wild or in a house. These dogs are athletic and physically fit. They can easily survive in the wild. These dogs are also prone to some adaptive and genetic health problems. These problems mainly include hip dysplasia, Arthritis, and elbow dysplasia. To avoid these health issues, regular checkups with a vet are necessary. 

    Coydog Price

    The price of a Coydog is not that much more expensive than it should be. These dogs are rare and are of no use to beginners. They are also not suitable for families. So, very few people purchase them. If you are looking for a Coydog, an experienced technical breeder should be contacted. These dogs may cost more than 1000 dollars anywhere around the Globe. Their price may even be as low as 500 dollars. These canines cannot be adopted from a rescue center or a shelter home. So, contact with a reputable breeder is recommended. Make sure you are adopting a healthy dog. 

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