Labradane Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

Labradane is a hybrid dog that is produced by crossbreeding a Great Dane dog and a Labrador. They are very playful and affectionate. They have the best traits from their parent breeds. Their production is intentional. They are not rare and can be found at rescue stations and shelter homes. They are large-sized canines that are famous for their gentle nature. They form a quick bond with adults and children around them. They have an extra-large size that is eye-catching. Labradanes are large dogs that require space to live in the house. They are healthy dogs but still need a vet to take care of their health.

    Labradane Temperament

    The temperament of a Labradane is friendly and gentle. These dogs are loyal to their people. Their personality is best described as a loyal and friendly companion. These beautiful dogs like to hang out with people whenever they find the time. Their large size is easily noticeable. They are friendly with the owner and kids but with strangers, they may behave weird at first. These dogs require a lot of exercises that are necessary for the maintenance of their health. They better do brisk walking at a nearby local park. They can make anyone frightened because of their large size but in actual they are goofy. 

    Labradane Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Labradane Size

    The size of a Labradane is large or better say, giant. These canines are giant gentle partners for kids and adults. As this is a hybrid breed, their size may vary individually. Their measurements are dependent on the size of their parent breeds. Both its parent breeds are large. The average weight of a Labradane is within the range of 100 pounds to 180 pounds. When they are measured from the shoulder, they stand 24 inches to 30 inches in height. The average size of a female Labradane is a bit smaller than the size of a male Labradane. 

    Labradane Adoption

    The adoption of a Labradane is a difficult decision for everyone. If you have a defined space for your pet, these beauties will be suitable for you. But if you have a small house or do not have a proper yard, these canines could not be fit. They have a giant appearance but by heart, they are very gentle. They can be easily adapted from a rescue center and a shelter home. If money is not an issue, you can also contact a reputable breeder. You can also order your desired puppy from an online pet store or you can visit your nearby adoption spot. 

    Labradane Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Labradane is like the other large-sized dog breeds. On average, they live from 8 years to 13 years. This is a perfect life expectancy for large-sized dogs. They are overall healthy dogs but they may get some genetic health issues inherited from their parent breeds. These dogs may develop elbow and hip dysplasia. To maintain their health, they need to be active. They should exercise on a regular basis to avoid any adaptive health problems. Regular checkups with an experienced vet are preferred. Do set a reminder to perform their medical test after every 6 months. 

    Labradane Price

    The price of a Labradane is not very high. Their price varies according to their size, color, characteristics, location, and availability. These canines are beautiful and available in tan, brown, and black colors. They have a sleek coats on their body. On average, they may cost from 500 dollars to 1000 dollars anywhere in the world. In most of the regions, they are sold at an average cost of 800 dollars. Rescue centers and shelter homes are offering cheaper adoptions. Reputable breeders and pet shops are demanding a high price for these pets. You may also have to spend on their health. 

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