Abyssinian Bengal Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Abyssinian Bengal mix cats are obtained by crossbreeding of entirely different cat breeds. This interesting new designer breed is rare. They share 50 percent of traits from each parent breed. These designer cats are difficult to predict about their appearance and personality. Their coat, body, size are dependent on greater genetic contribution. The parent breeds of the Abyssinian Bengal mix share a lot of traits that can be easily observed in their mix. The most commonly found traits include athletic nature, steadfast loyalty, and a friendly personality. If you need an active companion for your family, these cats are the perfect fit. 

    Abyssinian Bengal Mix Personality

    Abyssinian Bengal mix cats are friendly, loving, and energetic. These cats are unique in their personality. These designer cats are a bit aggressive and poorly behaved. They are gentle and sweet. These cats like to be around people most of the time. They are playful and are ever-ready to please children and people around them. These are loyal and make an unforgettable bond that anyone could wish for. In the case of strangers, these cats are shy. Sometimes they may become aggressive and may show bad behavior. These cats require a lot of socialization that is necessary for their peace of mind. 

    Abyssinian Bengal Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Abyssinian Bengal Mix Size

    The Abyssinian Bengal mix cats are medium to large. Their size is dependent on whichever parent they take after. These cats are expected to stand within the range of 10 inches to 15 inches when measured from the shoulder. Their average weight falls between the range of 8 pounds to 13 pounds. The overall size of female hybrid cats is a bit smaller than the size of male hybrid cats. Their body features and colors are also the mixes of the parent breeds. These cats could prove perfect traveling partners. These cats are also very good companions for your kids.

    Abyssinian Bengal Mix Lifespan 

    Abyssinian Bengal mix cats are hybrid cats that live a longer lifespan than the parent breeds. On average the Abyssinian Bengal mix cats live from 12 years to 16 years. If they are provided with a proper diet and exercise their life expectancy may extend up to 17 years. Overall these cats are healthy and health problems may not affect their lifespan. These cats are prone to health problems that are common in their parent breeds. These health problems include Addison's disease, skin issues, bloating, hypothyroidism, allergies, and congenital heart disease. Several other problematic health diseases could affect their life expectancy. 

    Abyssinian Bengal Mix Price 

    Abyssinian Bengal mix cats are expensive if bought from a reputable breeder. If you purchase them from a rescue center or a shelter home they may cost a cheaper price. The adoption fees from rescue centers and shelter homes are around 400 dollars. This cat breed is not common so it is hard to find them at every adoption spot. After adoption, you may also have to spend on their health as well. They need mild to moderate grooming that may also be expensive. The wellness checks, preventive care, and vaccines for these cats may cost a high price. 

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