Abyssinian Maine Coon Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Abyssinian Maine coon mix cat is a designer breed that is created as a result of cross-breeding an Abyssinian and a Maine coon cat. These hybrid cats are inherited with 50 percent traits from each parent breed. The Maine coon and Abyssinian are crossbred intentionally to obtain the best traits in the form of their mix. The Abyssinian Maine coon mix cats are healthier than the parent breed and also have a longer life expectancy. They have a 3 layered thick coat on their body that protects them from seasonal changes. These mixed cats shed moderately all over the year or sometimes shed seasonally. 

    Abyssinian Maine Coon Mix Personality

    The Abyssinian Maine coon mix cats are gentle, kind, and playful. These mixed cats are intelligent and entertaining as well. Their training is not hard because of their utmost intelligence. Their interest in social activities brings an advantage for the owner as well. To engage their intelligence, they should be provided with some puzzles and games. If you are a working person and could not spare enough time for your pet, these cats are a very good option. These cats may get naughty whenever you come home. Just like Maine Coon, these are not lapping cats. They are also suitable for children in the house.

    Abyssinian Maine Coon Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Abyssinian Maine Coon Mix Size

    The Abyssinian Maine coon mix cats are medium in size. The size of the hybrid cats may differ from the expected size range. The same is the case with Abyssinian Maine coon mix cats. Their weight ranges from 8 pounds to 20 pounds. The females are heavier than male cats. The size of the parent breeds matters a lot. If a giant Maine coon is mixed with an average-sized Abyssinian cat, the size of their mix will be large. So, their height varies accordingly. They may have slender legs like Abyssinian cats. They have a thick-layered coat that is water-resistant. 

    Abyssinian Maine Coon Mix Lifespan

    The average lifespan of these mixed cats ranges from 9 years to 15 years. These cats spend a healthy life that is comparatively longer than their parent breeds. Considering their lifespan health is the major factor that needs to be considered. These cats are healthier than their parent breeds but still are prone to some adoptive health problems. These cats may get inherited with genetic health problems. Regular visits to a vet, quality diet, and exercise may contribute to increasing their overall life expectancy. With proper care and attention, these beauties may live for up to 17 years. 

    Abyssinian Maine Coon Mix Price

    The Abyssinian Maine coon mix cats are one of the expensive cat breeds that are available in the market. These designer cats are bred and developed to obtain a cat of desire. Purchasing from a reputable breeder may cost from 1500 dollars to 4000 dollars. The kittens are expensive as compared to adults. If you are wealthy enough to purchase a kitten nothing could be better than this. Purchasing from a rescue center and shelter home may cost between 500 dollars to 1200 dollars. The above-mentioned prices of the Abyssinian Maine coon mix cats may vary according to location, size, and health status.

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