Birman Maine Coon Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

A Maine coon and a Birman cat are cross-breed to obtain an interesting hybrid breed that has a combination of traits. These mixed cats originated from the United States. Their parent breeds are of medium size and so these cats are. The Birman Maine coon mixed cats have a longer lifespan than their parent breeds. The litter size of both parent breeds is small and the same can be expected from their mix. These interesting cats require low to moderate maintenance. These cats are available in many colors including chocolate, brown tabby, cream, and white color. Brown tabby is the most popular color among them.

    Birman Maine Coon Mix Personality

    The Birman Maine coon mix cats are intelligent, and loving. These cats do not go outside with people like their parent breeds. These cats are particularly attached to people. The Birman Maine coon mixed cat is good-natured. These cats are playful with kids and other pets in the house. They can be trained easily. These cats are a good choice for kids and family members because of their friendly behavior. They get jealous when they don't get enough attention from their people. Their affectionate and calm nature is admired by everyone. These cats are vocal and their meow will let you know about their demand and requirement. 

    Birman Maine Coon Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Birman Maine Coon Mix Size

    The Birman Maine coon mix cats are medium in size. The cat's weight ranges from 6 pounds to 20 pounds. The female cats are a bit lighter than the male cats. On average, their height is about 25 cm to 41 cm when measured from the shoulder. They may have deep blue eyes just like Birman cats. The coat on their body is thick and lustrous. These are low-shedding cats. Their medium size with such features makes them appealing to everyone. Their low shedding coat requires regular grooming. If you are an experienced owner their grooming will be an issue.

    Birman Maine Coon Mix Lifespan

    The Birman Maine coon mix cats live from 9 years to 15 years. This is an average life expectancy for these cats. They may live an extraordinary lifespan if they are provided with quality time, food, and exercise. Their average life expectancy is longer than the lifespan of their parent breeds. The health status of these cats matters in longevity. There are health problems that may get transferred in these mixed cats. These health problems can be avoided by taking them to a reputable vet. Regular grooming of these cats also contributes to increasing their overall life expectancy. 

    Birman Maine Coon Mix Price

    The Birman Maine coon mixed cats are not counted among the expensive cat breeds. These beautiful cats are worth purchasing. If you are a family person, these cats are a very good option to adopt. The overall price of these mixed cats ranges from 400 dollars to 2000 dollars. The kittens are much more expensive than adult cats. The price range from 400 dollars to 600 dollars is expected. If you are interested in purchasing them from a rescue center. Their grooming sessions also require some money to be spent on them. But all the expenses are worth the cat.

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