Tabby Tortoiseshell Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Tabby tortoiseshell mix cats are the unique ones. These cats are obtained by cross-breeding a Tabby cat with a Tortoiseshell cat. These designer cats are intentionally bred to obtain the best possible traits from both parent breeds. They are adorable by appearance. They do not shed a lot and require moderate maintenance. These hybrid cats are non-hypoallergenic so a lot of care is required while handling them. These beautiful cats are easy to train because of their utmost intelligence. A lot of colors are available in these cats that all show a tabby appearance. Commonly they are available in fawn, brown/ tan, cream, black, and orange color.

    Tabby Tortoiseshell Mix Size

    The average size of these designer cats is medium to large. Their size is dependent primarily on the size of their parent breeds. If the parents are large, their mixed cat will also be large. On average, their weight ranges from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. The weight of female mixed cats also shares the same range. Their height and length vary with their overall size. These cats are suitable for kids, newbie owners, and strangers. If you are a cat lover and need a good companion for life, these cats are a perfect choice. 

    Tabby Tortoiseshell Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Tabby Tortoiseshell Mix Personality

    The Tabby Tortoiseshell mix cats have a mixture of lively and feisty temperaments. These cats are strong-willed just like Tabby cats. Their tabby appearance is appealing. Sometimes they are accused of having a sassy temperament. They are bold and cheeky. These domestic designer cats are full of spirit and a perfect lively pet. Sometimes these cats become aggressive. Like Tabby cats, these mixed pets are also vocal and may cause a headache. Their highly social nature makes them attractive to everyone around them. They can increase your social circle because of your friendly behavior and personality. They like to be a center of attraction as well. 

    Tabby Tortoiseshell Mix Lifespan

    Tabby tortoiseshell mix cats are the cats that require special attention. They need a proper diet that should be more specific according to their health. These cats are designer cats, so their life expectancy is longer than the lifespan of their parent breeds. The lifespan of their parent breeds is exceptionally long. The parent breeds live from 10 years to 20 years of life and their mix could cross 20 years of life easily. If they are properly cared for in terms of their diet and exercise, their life expectancy could reach up to 25 years of healthy life. 

    Tabby Tortoiseshell Mix Price

    The price of the Tabby tortoiseshell mix is high because both the parent breeds are also expensively sold. There are a lot of factors that affect their overall price. The tortoiseshell cat ranges from 1000 dollars to 3000 dollars whereas a Tabby cat is less expensive. Some of the tabby coats are expensive. So, the breeders demand the price of their will. If you want to purchase these domestic cats from a reputable breeder, you should have enough money. Otherwise, purchasing from a rescue center is always a cheaper option to consider. You have to take care of their diet keenly. So, you may have to spend on their food as well.

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